Is Lingerie Worth the Money?

Purchasing lingerie can definitely feel like an investment. The pieces tend to be more expensive compared to traditional undergarments and sometimes feature less material. You may be wondering if the investment is even worth it.

There is no one single answer to whether lingerie is worth it because it all comes down to your own wants and needs. Read on to learn if it’s worth it to you to invest in lingerie and how to find quality pieces to care for your investment. 

Buy Lingerie for Reasons that are Right for you

Before you even consider purchasing lingerie, determine why you want to add these pieces to your wardrobe. If you’re buying lingerie just for you to wear during sexy self-love sessions or to wear under your clothes to add a dose of confidence to your day, do you! If you’re buying it to wear with or for a partner, determine if you’re doing it for you, for both of you, or just for them.

Wearing lingerie may not be something that makes you feel comfortable and that’s totally okay. If you’re only planning to wear it for a one-time thing, like a wedding or other special event, you don’t need to splurge on expensive lingerie. Some women aren’t comfortable wearing lingerie at all and that’s valid. Talk with your partner if this is something that makes you uncomfortable and work together to find a better solution you can agree on together to spice things up in the bedroom.

Decide How Often you Will Wear Lingerie

There is nothing worse than purchasing expensive lingerie that you rarely end up wearing. So when you shop, first determine how much use you’ll get from your pieces. Wearing lingerie for everyday use means you’ll get a lot of wear from it and is absolutely worth splurging for. If donning sexy lingerie a few times a week for your partner is on the schedule, go for the splurge.

Some people only choose to wear lingerie for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays. You may be wearing those pieces a few times a year, and while that’s infrequent, if it’s a regular thing, you’ll want to invest in a quality piece that will last you for several years to get the most enjoyment. 

For one-time wear lingerie, you can choose to find pieces that are less expensive if you want to avoid paying a ton of money for an item you won’t get much use from.

Shop for Quality

Lingerie made using quality ingredients are definitely worth the money. Due to the materials used in lingerie, it is pricer compared to traditional, everyday your undergarments. To look for quality, you will need to look beyond the price tag. Even low-quality lingerie can be expensive but that doesn’t mean it’s worth the investment.

If you want to ensure you’re spending your money on lingerie that will maintain its shape, design, and fit, do your research on materials for the items you’re purchasing. Brands tend to share the materials in their lingerie online so always be sure to review those sections to get an idea of the materials used. Another great indicator of quality is to look at reviews. This way, you can hear from people who have invested in the brand already and get an idea of what to expect.

Caring for Lingerie

To get the most use out of your lingerie, you have to take care of it well. All lingerie you purchase will come with instructions on how to care for it. Pay close attention to that and ensure you never skimp on care instructions. That’s how you maintain the quality and ensure the investment was worth it. 

There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of money on an item that gets ruined due to improper care. Lingerie is absolutely worth the money if you can make the pieces last and the best way to do that is to take care of them as directed. 


Lingerie is an excellent garment to keep in your closet to keep you feeling confident and sexy. It’s hard to put a price tag on that feeling, but lingerie definitely helps you get there when you shop for quality pieces that you’ll wear often. If you’re not ready to dive in deep just yet, purchase one piece or set of lingerie to get a taste of what it’s like. Once you experience that increase in confidence, you’ll want to get even more. 


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