A 100% Job Guarantee Course is What Expertrons Promises!

 A Job Guarantee Course is a perfect answer to many concerns you may face at every step of your career journey. These may include –


 A.   You have a degree and worked hard in your studies but are still experiencing career-oriented problems

B.   You have attended many interviews and even had offers, but for the longest time, you have not landed that job

C.  You are tired of trying to fix your career problems by yourself

D.  You are sick and tired of consultants, mentors and life coaches telling you the same old methods which do not help

 We know that fixing career problems is complex, and not everybody gets a job offer through online courses for jobs.

 When you graduate, there is a chance that you won’t get any job offers. Maybe the company doesn’t need people in your area, or they don’t have any jobs right now.

 And when you talk about the training and placement, there are a whole lot of players in the market that do not come with a guarantee in their job courses.

 That’s why the Expertrons team came up with one solution to address this problem: Introducing Expertrons PRO, the job guarantee course that ensures a 100% success rate right from day one and boosted the careers of their students 2X better than before.

 Bring your dream career to life with Expertrons PRO

 An exclusive job guarantee course that aims for the holistic development of students to make them future-ready in their field of interest. Candidates who pursued this program connected with 6000+ top global experts and achieved 10X growth in their areas.

 Course Highlights –

1.    Personalised 1:1 mentoring from Industry Experts

2.    Job referrals in Renowned Companies

3.    Effective Soft Skills and Domain Skills Training

4.    Ever-growing fields covered like Marketing, Operations, Sales/Business Development, Human Resources and Customer Service

5.    Interview Preparation Support

6.    Domain-wise Premium Access to Capstone Projects

7.    Assessment Tests & Mock Interviews

8.    Pre-Requisite – Job seekers, Graduates, Freshers, Professionals with 0-3 years of experience

Placements Highlights –

 ●    100% Placement Record

●     12L+ Highest Placement

●     4000+ Hiring Partners

●     3 LPA Min CTC

 Register for a 100% job guarantee course today!

Program Duration – 6 months

 Program Mode – Online

 Do you know that most smart graduates find it challenging to crack high-paying jobs because of their background or their college’s inability to help them get interviews?

We understand that it’s pretty frustrating as we tried to do something about it but can’t.

It’s OK if this happens!

All you need to do is improve your skills. Undoubtedly, your skills are a big part of your value as an employee, and companies hire people they think they can help get better at their work.

There is a lot of competition to land the best jobs and there will be many more job seekers than jobs to fill, this could mean that there will be nowhere for you to go and it’ll be even harder for you to move up the ranks.

You need to find a job that fits your strengths and gives you the career path you want. A good job will satisfy you, but a great job will make you feel like the luckiest person alive. Choosing the right job courses can help give you an edge over the competition, so it’s important to get the right start with the right program.

In fact, the Expertrons team ensured that 95% of their candidates got jobs 3X faster than others after the successful completion of their training program. With Expertrons PRO, you can also get training with job guarantee in your domain at the fastest-growing companies.

Push your career to new heights with Expertrons

Overall, Expertrons’ placement courses are designed for the whole candidate so that your goals are met, and you’re ready for the world.

The learning will give you the skills to focus on what matters most, how to work efficiently and build strong relationships, so you can get an excellent job with an amazing career path.

Moreover, experience a real skill transformation with the most demanding course in India to create a world of difference –

 ●      Get connected with the top experts

●      Make 2X better career decisions

●      Make an extraordinary futuristic move.

 Using the expertise of industry veterans and hands-on learning, Expertrons delivers the most comprehensive, convenient and cost-effective learning platform in India.

 With their unique range of courses, they provide students training with job guarantee and the freedom to learn where they want and when they want.

 Explore the flagship training programs here 

 Don’t let your lack of experience hold you back. Learning the practical skills in your domain that can make all the difference in landing great jobs and moving up the ranks.

 If you are looking for short courses with job placement, we recommend Expertrons PRO to walk you away with new skills, domain knowledge and a dream job in hand!

 And what’s more?

 Uncover your true potential with some exclusive scholarships for a successful career!

 Get in touch with the Expertrons team now

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