Who is Jenni Rivera, and How did She Die?

Introduction of Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera, the name itself is enough to thrash the whole United States and the Mariachi music. The legendary vocalist is the most earning Banda singer of all time. Rivera was a Songster, musician, actress, producer, performer, composer, and philanthropist who initiated Mariachi music on her hard work. 

She was the singer known for “Signature the of Banda.”

She was named “Best earning Latin artist of 2013”, “Top Latin Artist” by popular Billboard magazine.

Her first child was ‘Chiquis Rivera’. After some time, she married a baby’s father at her first wedding, José Trinidad Marín. She bred three children with Jose named Chiquis (1985 ), Jacqie (1989), and Micheal(1991).

Jenni Rivera’s childhood and early life

On July 2, Jenni Rivera took birth in the United States. Pedro, her Dad, was a bartender and an entrepreneur, while her mama Rosa was a housewife. She was grown in a complete musical family with her five siblings. Different pieces of music with other categories, including Banda, were being practiced in her house.

The breaking point of the songster came when she got pregnant at the age of fifteen. This colossal blunder was not acceptable. They threw her out of the house. Such a heartbreaking and depressing situation made her and physically weak. But she followed the instruction set by her instructor not to quit her study. Later, Jenni’s hard work resulted in graduation in commerce and trade at California University.

The career of Jenni Rivera

Talking about involvement in music, she started giving vocals from a young time. She sang her first song, remembering her father in the 1990s. It was a struggling early day for her as he had to go through domination of the music production company for opportunities.

On a gentleman-influenced Hispanic Music, being established as a lady singer was never in the story before. Her major early albums were ‘Si Quieres Verme loran’, ‘Chacalosa’(Party girl).Rivera builds 15 gold, 15 platinum, five double platinum track records. Her 10th studio portfolio’ Jenni’-2008 broke “No.1 record in Billboard Top Latin Cassette Chart in Us”.She got the fame “(our Music Award in Mexico)Lo Nuestro Award for Mariachi lady artist” nine straight years. Jenni was honored with the OYE Award, Billboard Award, Billboard Mariachi Music Awards (Our music award Mexico), Lo Nuestro Award, and the las vegas walk of stars for her 20 million recordings sold all over the Us and Mexico.

After her songs, she experimented with herself in the movie “Film Filly Brown,” her initial appearance in the movie field. She also made a reality show with many actresses. Apart from music and acting, she was also a passionate businesswoman who completed graduation in Trade and Commerce. Excluding the profit zone, The singer was also a big-hearted woman. She established a foundation named “Jenni 

Love social service” to support the sufferer of brutality, kids with diseases, and emigrants.

Family Relations, Children’s and problems

The Latin vocalist was undoubtedly very successful in her profession, but this is where she lacks when it comes to family and relationships. Jenni Rivera got pregnant just at the amateur age of 15 years, which broke off her relationship with her Dad and mom, Not only with her parents but also with her partner. The relation was worst on such a level that no one could’ve imagined off. In 43 years, Jenni married three different husbands and gave birth to 5 kids.

She terminated her marriage with José Trinidad Marín in 1992, saying that he abused her young daughter and sisters physically. People say that he molested them for nine long years. After some time interval, The court punished José Trinidad Marín (also known as Trino Marin) for 30 years of prison.

After such a massive disaster in the relationship, Jenni went into depression. After five years of a sad life, here comes the happy time as she got her very next spouse Juan Lopes in 1997. Jenni Rivera gave birth to a daughter named ‘Jenika’and a son ‘angel’ from this husband. There is a proverb, “Anything happens when time wants,” the graph of her relationship began to fall as she divorced him in 2003 with the allegations of using drugs. In 2007, the court declared ten years of prison for Juan court, but he died in 2009 due to a health issue.

After that, her life doesn’t seem more straightforward anymore. In this interval, she established a foundation for helping the poor, Racially discriminated victims of violence, children with cancer, and immigrants. 

This behavior shows she was a very big-hearted woman. Her husband destroyed her, but she did not forget to help others. But the fairy tale of her progress and degrees didn’t stop here as well. Here comes another strange plot twist in the story as the singer chooses Esteban, a softball player, as her third husband in her life. 

But on the road of destiny, nobody knows what the next problem will arise. The exact things happened with Rivera, and she filed a divorce against her husband just eight weeks before her death. According to media reports, there were rumors of the affair between her daughter and her husband. 

These things show how strong this woman is in dealing with heartbreaking situations. On this topic, Rivera said, “I am a simple lady as like any other woman, and such ugly things happen in life. The number of times I’ve fallen, the number of times I’ve forgotten things”.

How did Jenni Rivera Die?

Exactly ahead of two months of her demise, the composer filed a judicial separation from her spouse. She departed her life in a plane collision on December 9, 2012, near a city when she was forty-three years old. Police investigated the main reason for the accident, but still, it’s a mystery about the hazard.


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