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Apple iPhone 15 may Contain USB Type-C Port Charger

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It has been rumored that Apple is intending to switch its lightning charge port to a USB C-type socket in the near future. Speculations are rampant about the introduction of the iPhone 15 with the major change.

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However, many of us would be curious as to whether or not this indicates that an iPhone may be charged using a C-type charger designed for an Android device. On the other hand, this is not taking place.

According to Live Hindustan, GSM Arena reports that Apple has built its own USB-C type port for the next iPhone 15 series. Live Hindustan also revealed this information. There is a possibility that Apple will install a bespoke integrated chip into the USB-C type port.

This indicates that non-Apple accessories that are not a part of the “Made For iPhone” program will not work with the iPhone. However, the Cupertino giant’s precise intentions are unknown at this time.

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Apple was dealt a significant blow when the European Union agreed on a single charging port for mobile phones and tablets in June of the previous year, as Apple has a separate charging connector from the rest of the industry.

According to the European Commission, this measure will provide relief to consumers and save them money in the long run.

Apple had already issued a warning that the move would be detrimental to innovation and would result in a pile of discarded electrical equipment. Users of iPhones and Android devices have, over the course of several years, voiced their displeasure at having to swap between multiple chargers for their respective devices.

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According to a report by Reuters, the European Commission estimated that the move toward a single charger may save customers a total of 250 million Euros. According to Alex Saliba, a legislator in the European Union who played a pivotal role in shepherding the reform through the EU Assembly, all mobile phones and other devices that are marketed after autumn 2024 will be required to be compatible with a single charger.

The customers will be able to continue using previous models, and the old chargers will not be withdrawn from circulation.

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