Indians Used their SmartPhones for 4.9 Hours a Day in 2022

In 2022, Indians spent 4.9 hours a day on their smartphones, according to a recent report. This means that Indians spend an average of 8 hours a day on their phones, the most of any country.

Read More: How to Download Videos from R18 for Offline Watching?, which used to be called AppAnnie, put out a report on Wednesday called “State of Mobile 2023” that showed how people use their smartphones. According to the report, Indians have spent most of their time on their phones using social media and video-sharing apps.

Smartphone Usage Time per Capita in India and Indonesia

So, if you look at the whole world, each smartphone user spends about 5 hours a day on their phone, but in some places, like Indonesia, that number is higher, at about 5.8 hours per day per person. Airtel and Tech Mahindra are working together to set up a private network at Mahindra’s Chakan Facility.

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In terms of total time spent on smartphones, Indians have used them for about 0.75 trillion hours, while Chinese people have used them for 1.1 trillion hours by 2022.

Total App Downloads in India in 2022

The report also said that as of 2022, there had been as many as 29 billion app downloads in India. This made the country the second-largest market in the world, after China.

Top 2 App-Downloading Nations

China has seen more than 111 billion downloads every year. With 12 billion downloads in 2022, the US was the third-largest market for app downloads.

About Time to Download

Even though downloads and time spent on phones have gone up around the world in 2022. The amount people spend on app stores has gone down by 2%, to $167 billion, according to a report from Also, fewer people played games on their phones.

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Lexi Sydow, head of Insights at, said, “With the cost of living going up, consumers have to decide where they want to spend their money first. We see that entertainment is still driving growth on mobile, with money going to video streaming, dating, short-form video, and travel, while gaming spending drops by 5% year-on-year (YoY) to $110 billion.

Time Spent on Social Media

In addition, the report says that spending on social media, productivity, finance, and utility apps was high in most markets in 2022. People in India are said to have spent $31 million on social media platforms, $7.2 million on utility and productivity apps, and $5.1 million on entertainment and streaming apps.

Expectations for 2023

The report says that this year, 2023, the world will spend up to $362 billion on mobile ads. Globally, the year will be driven by sites like YouTube and TikTok that let people share videos.

Even though ad spending will go up, it won’t go up as fast as it did in 2022. This is because the economy has slowed down, which has forced brands to cut ad spending. says that the annual growth rate of ad spending will slow by up to 7.5% compared to the last two years when it grew by 14% and 22.9%.

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