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Here’s How You Can Use a Wall Fan in Small Spaces?

There are some rooms and areas in our homes which don’t get adequate air circulation. Due to inadequate ventilation or a lack of A/C, narrow spaces such as walk-in closets, hallways, and laundry rooms suffer from poor air circulation and may get stiflingly hot. It is where a wall fan can save the day and keep those spaces cool!

Wall fans are beneficial for improving the airflow in tight spaces during humid summer months.

You can check if a wall fan will help shift air in your difficult-to-cool spaces before you start searching for air conditioning and other costly appliances. You may believe your bathroom, home office, or other restricted rooms are too small to fit a fan inside, but we have answers to all your questions about selecting the best wall fans for those small spaces.

Which Rooms Should Have A Wall Fan? 

You should select a wall fan based on the square footage of the space. There are reputable brands like Luminous offering a wide range of wall fans that work well for your house’s confined areas, such as:

  1. Home Offices
  2. Bathrooms
  3. Kitchen
  4. Hallways
  5. Walk-in-closets
  6. Nooks

Sometimes, there are no windows or adequate HVAC ventilation in these smaller rooms. But a small wall fan may help keep these areas comfortably cool and avoid mold and mildew.

Tips for Choosing A Wall Fan

When choosing a wall mounted fan for your room, there are a few things to consider:

Size—The most significant factor to take into consideration when selecting a wall fan is its size. Take measurements of your room and decide which wall you want to install your fan on. Ensure that the size you choose suits the room for efficient use and position it well to provide sufficient airflow. The wall fan size available in the market are 300 mm and 400 mm. Out of these two sizes, the ideal size is 400 mm.

Speed— Another factor to consider while selecting a wall-mounted fan is speed. Fan speeds can vary because there are so many different wall fans available. Our best advice is to pick a fan strong enough to circulate air across space sufficiently. Run it to minimize noise at a low to medium speed. There are two speed of a wall fan, normal speed wall fan (1350 rmp) can be used for temperate weather and high-speed wall fans (2100 rpm) can be used for tropical weather.

Air Deliver— Start by testing the airflow of the device when purchasing a high-quality wall fan. A fan’s airflow is commonly measured at cubic meters per minute (CMM). To guarantee that the cooling is efficient and reaches the entire enclosed area, it is ideal to opt for a large airflow fan.

Looks—The look of the wall fan also plays a critical role when you select a fan. Reliable brands like Luminous offers great designs and colours to fit in with your home décor.

When selecting a wall fan, look out for additional features such as number of blades, and form of control (remote, wall, dial, or rotary).

How to Install A Wall Mounted Fan?

Installation is simple once you have settled on a wall-mounted fan. Most fans come with brackets of their own and directions on how to install them on the wall. Mounting criteria vary from fan to fan. Several factors, like air circulation, depend on the height at which you mount your wall fan. The installed fans must be at least five feet above the floor in some situations.

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To ensure that it is mounted correctly for safe and efficient use, check the instructions that come with the fan you select. There are reputable brands like Luminous that offer the best quality wall fans at an affordable price. They have wall fans that have been thoughtfully created to enrich the appearance of your room. They also have aerodynamically engineered blades to provide wider airflow and a powerful motor that provide supreme efficiency but consume less energy. And a robust metal body provides long-lasting durability. Check out their website today for exclusive prices on their wall fans.




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