How do You Use a Magnetic Drill Press?

The drilling machine and its variation come for maximized productivity. And in construction sites, the value of the perfect tool is quite central. Certainly, there are various types of tools to deal with the specific kind of problem. But today we shall exclusively shed light on how you use a magnetic drill press. With the advancement of the electro-magnetic base, we called it a magnetic drill press. Nothing to be scared of!

And if you are unfamiliar with the magnetic drill press, here is a quick explanation.

Magnetic Drill Press:

Basically, a magnetic drill press is a useful tool or you can say a machine that comes with the cutting tool attachment for an even more professional approach. Its electromagnet is what drills the holes into metals. Other names of a magnetic drill press are magnetic core drilling machine, mag base drill, mag drill, magnetic drill machine, etc. indeed all are the same things.

Usage and operations:

A mag drill is best for thread cutting or tapping, Reaming and Countersinking, and twist drilling. With the use of a cutting tool, the magnetic drill machine makes holes into different materials (metal).

Some features that a magnetic drill machine features

It goes without saying that a mag drill holds importance for construction sites as well as fabrication, and the engineering industry.  As for the technology and the advancement, the newer model of the drill press machine, you have them lighter in weight and that readily matters for the ease of working, especially at a pro-level.

The Ideal Working of the Magnetic Drill Press

Before venturing yourself into the drill machine operating, it is highly recommended to know how a magnetic drill press is used. The functionality and the working of the magnetic drill press are similar to the DC motor, however, the speed and the controlled torque are quite dedicated in a mag drill. It works on the motor. If you are new to using this tool, here is how you operate it:

  • First of all, place the magnetic drill press on that intended workpiece that you want to drill and fix the mag drill core according to the diameter of the ejector pin to the arbor.
  • Coordinate the magnetic drill with the hole, and set the adjustment for the perfect hole to be drilled.
  • Now plug in the mag drill machine and power it as per the requirement. It depends on the type of model you are using. The speed you choose depends on the machine itself. The cutting speed is not the same for every metal. Turn on the magnetic drill press.
  • For swift and fluid-like working you can also lubricate the tap. The more lube, the better the results would be.
  • This is a powerful step. Apply fuller downward force while you are drilling. It is highly crucial to get the desired results. How perfect you force the hole and how much power you apply is what brings in great results. With that always make sure the ideal mag drill speed, or else, you may not fill the hole perfectly no matter how much force you apply.
  • Use an annular cutter for the completion of the cutting work and reverse the motor in its previous state.

So this is how you use the magnetic drill press. And, while using the magnetic drill press, it is also a job to clear out the clutter from the working place. The randomly scattered thing can be the reason for any mishap. Even if you have read the guidelines thoroughly, never use a magnetic press drill without professional supervision. There are a lot of ins and out only a pro can understand.


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