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How to Unblock WhatsApp in Blocked Countries?

How to unblock WhatsApp

Not sure about how to unblock your WhatsApp in other countries? Here are the best VPNs for WhatsApp we provided in this step-by-step guide.

In 2018, 1.5 billion people joined WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app. This app was developed by Facebook in 2014, for the amount of $19 billion, and it quickly started to dominate the chat market, and with no advertisements, or commitment to privacy. But because WhatsApp offers a high level of security, it has been banned in multiple countries, ironically.

If you are a WhatsApp user who wants to unblock it in one of the countries where is banned, you can avoid these restrictions by getting a VPN service. It is short for Virtual Private Network, a VPN hides all of your device’s internet traffic through a transitional server in a location of your choice. This will prevent the government and ISP from discerning the content or what you look for on the internet. And in this case, what messages you receive on WhatsApp are protected. Let’s get more detailed about what VPNs to use and unblock WhatsApp.

Countries around the world are tightening their internet restriction, and connecting with families and friends on WhatsApp becomes more and more challenging. It is recommended to use a VPN service to bypass those restrictions. It is a safe, reliable, and cost-effective method to stay connected with your friends. WhatsApp is one of the most popular platforms in the world that runs all over the internet.

Free calling from anywhere in the world. As nice as this sounds, not all countries can access WhatsApp. But some users have unlocked other alternatives to gain access. Because this is an unhappy situation, using a VPN might be the only thing you could consider for your WhatsApp.

After careful research, we’ve managed to share with you the top-recommended VPNs for WhatsApp.

  • Express VPN
  • Nord VPN
  • SurfShark

You can use it on each device, and you’ll get:

  • Stronger data protection
  • Work effortlessly from anywhere
  • Lightning-quick connectivity

Why do most people need to unblock WhatsApp?

Currently, WhatsApp is fully banned in countries like China, UAE (United Arab Emirates), Syria, Cuba, and North Korea. To see if a VPN unblocks WhatsApp, you need to understand why it is blocked in the first place.

It all comes down to your IP address – the location you get from your web. Your IP address allows websites to connect with you. An IP address reveals restrictions that are put in place by your network. If WhatsApp notices that you are connecting from a country where it is banned, the connection will be blocked to track your networks’ guidelines.

You should use a VPN, and that’s final. Nowadays, we live in a modern online landscape, with complex traps for your data. Without online protection, everything you’ll do online will be traced, and sometimes, used against you.

Of course, WhatsApp protects your messages, but it can’t hide the fact that you’re using WhatsApp. So, only a secure VPN will safeguard all your online activities, allowing you to chat safely. Download a VPN, get a subscription, connect to one of the servers in your desired location, and you’re all set – WhatsApp is unblocked!

Accessing WhatsApp Abroad

The popular service, WhatsApp, allows users to securely text each other, make video calls, without being tracked online. But what happens when you go somewhere where WhatsApp is banned? And suddenly, you have no longer access to video call your friends, family, and so on. WhatsApp appeals to many people, but unfortunately, it is banned in countries like China, and multiple other countries. However, WhatsApp users might be able to access the platform even in these countries. How? With a VPN.

China has banned WhatsApp in July 2017, and this included sharing videos, photos, and voice chats. But the government lifted the block later. Still, after just two months, the government blocked all features of the app. The ban is currently in place, although many concerns have been discussed, and Chinese businesses suffered some disruptions.

Why did they ban WhatsApp? China is not the only country banning WhatsApp: Brazil, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar also temporarily banned the app. The ban is regarding the country’s attempts to censor open communication. The government blocked any information that could threaten the Communist principles.

How to get around these restrictions? It’s important to understand that governments limit WhatsApp in order to block users’ connections, so they can no longer carry odd conversations. Despite the bans, you can access a virtual private network to access banned content, like WhatsApp. This will hide your actual IP address, and send your data through another country. This way, when in China, you could get around the WhatsApp blocks.

The government suggests apps, which are alternative to WhatsApp, but you shouldn’t install them, as they’re not secure, you won’t have privacy, and your messages will be read. So, it’s best to try and unblock WhatsApp with a VPN. A VPN’s servers are super-fast and reliable, allowing you to connect virtually to any location worldwide where you want to use WhatsApp. Due to its great internet speed, each activity on this platform goes without buffering.

You have secure access all over the world. Going online does not have to mean being exposed to all the threats. Whether you choose to shop, chat, or connect to a café WIFI, keeping your personal information private and secure is possible. You can use Express VPN on your phone, tablet, router, computer, regardless of where you are or what kind of devices you’re using.


When you navigate online, unintentionally, you leave tons of traces. And believe it or not, the data you share on the internet is incredibly valuable. A VPN helps you recover safety on the internet, so no one can see what you’re doing, and what websites you’re visiting. Sharing is caring, but not when it comes to surfing on the internet. As we all know, the internet is not a safe place, as, with just a few clicks, you could end up on a malicious attachment, and your device could get infected with malware. With a VPN, even if you take a wrong turn on the internet, you will be prevented from accessing unsafe websites.

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