How to Create a Hook for an Essay: An Ultimate Guide

Have you ever found a write-up and, without planning, end up analyzing the entire write-up? You could not take your eyes off of it, and the write-up heightened your interest. That is the real definition of being hooked! The initial words on the write-up caught your eye, making you read the whole article. 

A hook can be termed as the introductory remarks of any essay. This remark draws the interest of the reviewer. All it takes is one phrase or a paragraph. The sentence or paragraph should be captivating, giving the reviewer info that will make them yearn for more. Some students choose such an option as to pay for an essay to ask experts to write an essay for them on any topic or pay attention to some points in their paper.

Before penning down a hook, ask yourself what the gist of the article will be. Do not start strong and then continue with below-par content. Start with a strong and good essay hook, and it should not stop there and should be throughout the whole article bearing in mind the targeted audience appreciates. 

Hooks vary and before starting, you need to be aware of what attracts your target audience to the article. If you decide to begin your hook with a question, assure the targeted group that they will find a solution at the end of the paper. Does your audience appreciate comedy? Maybe taking a citation from a well-known person will catch the eye of your viewers. Show clearly how it connects with your articles. 

As an essay writer, would you like to know how to write that one sentence or paragraph that will strike the eye of the reader? Below are some essay hooks that will do exactly that! 

Fact Hook

The fact hook uses facts to give out info on the subject. This is where essay writers are given a chance to dazzle readers with their facts and proof right from the start. Make sure you get facts from authoritative sources, precise, thought-provoking, and dependable. An example of a fact hook is, “Children begin going to school at the age of four in Holland. This means, at all times, there is a new student in the classroom.”

Question Hook

This is where you start your essay by asking a thought-provoking question concerning the topic you have chosen for your essay. This will draw the attention of the reader, and they have to read through the whole thing for them to get a reaction. However, avoid using closed-ended questions (which require yes or no answers).

Humans are curious and once they come across a question, they want to see the answer. The essay writer needs to do research and come up with an answer if they don’t have the answer. Give the readers some hints that they will find the answer to the question if they continue reading the article to the end. An example of a question hook can be something as simply asking, “What is love?” 

Declaration Hook

In this type of hook, the essay writers write a sentence that makes an authoritative declaration about the subject. This sentence links to the thesis statement. It tells readers the significance of the study. 

The advantage of using a declaration hook is that the reader will be curious to see how you defend the thesis statement, whether they agree or not. You can start your essay paper with an exciting fact such as, AI will learn and have the ability to compose short stories and articles, which will cause many writers to lose their jobs.

An example of a declaration hook is, “It is more economical and efficient to attend online university classes than class education. 

Anecdotal Hook

This hook absorbs your audience because it stimulates their thought process into thinking about the subject from different angles. The audience will look for the meaning and try to relate the subject to another thing that does not appear to be related. 

When you start with an anecdotal hook does not mean that the essay will be humorous. It is only used to grab the attention of the readers and should be short to attain the anticipated results.

An example of an anecdotal hook is: Albert Einstein’s parents were anxious that he had not started talking when his age mates were talking. At dinner time one day, Albert said: “The soup is too hot.” His parents quizzed him as to why hadn’t said a word until now. He answered: “Because up to now everything was in order.”

Quotation Hook

The essay using this hook starts with a quotation (it doesn’t necessarily have to be someone famous). You can choose a quote that relates to your subject. If you choose to use this hook, ensure that:

  • Cite the exact words.
  • Choose citations that are outstanding, authoritative, and unforgettable. 
  • Choose a person who has had great success to attract readers to read till the end.

If for example, you want to write about colleges, you can start your paper with: Malcolm X remarked, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” 

Final Thoughts

For a hook to be termed as a good hook, it must catch the eye of the reader. It should be right at the beginning so that the person reading gets interested and reads till the end. Hooks are like the curtain-raiser of the essay, where the writer is supposed to present the fundamental concept and ensure that it is understood by the readers.

The only way to know how to write hooks that draw the attention of readers is by knowing how to write an excellent essay hook. This sets the stage for writing an excellent piece, and it is key. For a hook to be considered as a good hook, it should:

  • Be actual affirmation
  • Be associated with the subject
  • Imply the writer’s viewpoint

At times, you might get stuck in coming up with a great attention-grabber hook, you can seek the help of professional essay writers you can hire with ease. You can reach out to an essay creator or academic writing service online right now to help you with coming up with a great hook for your paper.

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