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Be Careful with Heat Stroke in this Summer

Heat stroke, also known as sun stroke, often occurs when the temperature changes. This is caused by dehydration because of the body system malfunctions. So when you go out and meet the sun you should wear heat protection clothes. Or, avoid exposure to bright sunlight to prevent unconsciousness and heart arrhythmia. 

When anyone’s body temperature is over 40 Degrees Celsius he must seek first aid to prevent convulsions and unconsciousness.

People at risk of heat stroke include:

  • People who work outdoors such as farmers, construction workers, athletes, etc.
  • The elderly may suffer from heat stroke more easily than adolescents.

People who have been suffering from high blood pressure and other diseases require proper medication.

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First aid to heat stroke patients

Heat stroke can occur anywhere, anytime and it is deadly. So a heat stroke patient needs some first aid as follows:

  • Bring the patient to the shade
  • Feel the pulse to see if the patient still conscious or breathing abnormally or not
  • Make the patient drink a lot of water
  • Use ice or let the patient lie down on the cool blanket, a rubber cloth put on ice. It will help reduce body temperature.
  • Wipe the body with a one-way wipe. 

How to prevent heat stroke

If you have to travel outdoors then you should follow some things.

  • Wear clothes that cover your body. Wear a hat or open an umbrella when you walk in the sunlight.
  • Drink a lot of water or summer fruits or eat ice cream to cool the body.
  • Do not go out in the sun for too long.
  • Do not stay in a closed room. Because the air can not ventilate heat.

During the summer, heat stroke or sun stroke is more likely to occur than other seasons. So, people should drink adequate water to avoid heat strokes. 

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