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Health Benefits and Side Effects of Soyabeans

Although soyabean is beneficial for health in many way, it is also seen as a nutrient treasure. Soyabean is the best source of plant-based protein. Therefore, those who are unable to get the protein need to eat non-veg food and must include soyabeans in their diet. Soyabeans protect the bones from weakness.

Soyabean reduces blood pressure and blood sugar

Eating soyabeans helps reduce cholesterol levels, reduces blood pressure. Also, it helps to keep the heart healthy, blood sugar may decrease, menopause symptoms may also be reduced. It also helps increase weight. But some people also believe that over-consuming soyabeans increases the risk of breast cancer, the thyroid function is messed up and soyabeans are not good for men as well.

These people don’t consume soyabeans

Pregnant women: Pregnant women or women feeding their baby should also avoid eating too much soyabeans. This is because eating a large amount of soyabeans in pregnancy period can affect the development of a baby in the womb. It can also be faced with problems like nausea and dizziness. Therefore, it is better not to use products made from breasted women or breastfeeding products made from soyabeans or soy milk .

Heart disease patients: As some researchers observe, soyabeans have transfats that can increase cholesterol levels and therefore people who already have heart disease problems should not eat soyabeans or consume very limited amount.

Asthma patients: People who have asthma disease are often allergic to soyabean. So asthma patients and those who have allergic rhinitis should not consume soyabeans.

Kidney stone: As some researchers observe, excess intake of soyabean and its products increases the risk of kidney stone because it contains a large amount of chemicals called oxelets. In addition, people who already have kidney disease are not able to process the chemicals present in soyabeans on the body properly. Therefore, people who have a kidney disease should also stay away from soyabean.

Men also refrain: Many studies have shown that soybeans are found to have a chemical called phytoestrogen. Excess intake can reduce men’s sperm quality. Also, eating more soyabeans can affect sexual potentiality. In addition, some research has also claimed that excess intake of soyabeans also reduces the level of testosterone in men’s bodies.

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