The Increasing Popularity of Stablecoins 

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that came into existence to counter the volatility of other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, Ethereum, and many others. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Stablecoins are much less volatile as they are directly related to the world’s tangible assets like the US dollar and gold. Thus these coins are winning the investors’ confidence and gaining popularity daily. They are considered one of the best modes of payment for utilities, and more and more payment gateways are demanding payments with Stablecoins. If you are planning to trade bitcoins, you might consider using a reputable platform like Crypto Trader.

However, it is not the only reason for the coin to be popular; many other reasons exist. It is time to discuss the bases in more detail to understand Stable coins fully.

About Stablecoins

Before we proceed further with the reasons behind the popularity of Stablecoins, one should know about them. Stablecoins are also cryptocurrencies but have more stability as they get the backing of the reserve assets they represent. The reserve assets are fiat currencies like the US Dollar and even precious metals like gold. The methods of controlling the price fluctuations to a much extent are backed by the algorithms or different techniques the coins use. 

The Reason for Their Popularity 

  • Enjoys Some Support From The Central Bank – Unlike other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoins and Ethereum, which are entirely decentralized, Stablecoins enjoy some advantages of being backed by the fiat currency. Thus the investors feel more confident in investing in them. One can use the US dollar or their currency and buy Stablecoins and sell the coins to get their currency. Thus the negative fluctuation of the price of Stablecoins is much less than other types of cryptocurrencies.
  • Enjoy Backing Of Other Cryptocurrencies – Many cryptocurrencies back Stablecoins. Thus, other cryptocurrencies work as collateral for Stablecoins. They enjoy being tied up with other high-value cryptocurrencies for their growth. The performance of the bonded cryptocurrency is often responsible for the positive growth of the Stablecoins, and investors have to keep their eyes open to the performance of the collateral. 

Again, if the collateral cryptocurrencies get hammered, the price of Stablecoins remains almost the same due to the presence of built-in cushions or assets in their buffer. Due to the presence of a buffer, the price of Stablecoins does not fluctuate much on the negative side, and investors feel more or less safe with their investments. They do not fear losing their entire kitty, unlike investing in other cryptocurrencies when the market is sluggish.

  • Backed By Precious Metals – Some precious metals like gold and silver are used to back many stable coins. Thus, these metals work as a catalyst to keep the stablecoin’s price stabilized. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, many investors feel that these backings are somewhat centralized and do not enjoy complete freedom. Again, many investors find this aspect good since the support decreases the volatility risks and keeps their investments safe. Even when most decentralized cryptocurrencies are bleeding today, most Stablecoins are green except for one or two in decimals. Thus, investors can feel the price stability, and the coins are gaining in popularity day by day. 
  • Managed By Various Algorithms – Many algorithms are used to keep the Stablecoins price stable. For example, a supply-demand ratio is being implemented. It works like this – if the price rises to a much greater extent, more coins are released to pull it down to a real surge. Again when the price goes down, some coins are withdrawn from the market to increase the demand and stabilize the price. Thus they can withstand volatility without compromising on accessibility and mobility. 
  • More Government Control – A few months ago, The US administration announced that they would keep a close watch on Stablecoins. Many investors feel this move is positive, and the sense of some government control wins their confidence for consumer protection. Thus it is also one of the reasons for the gaining popularity of Stablecoins.


The gain in popularity for Stablecoins is thus due to many factors, as explained above. However, one cannot say that they are not volatile, but many backings and buffering help the coin maintain a stable price. Thus, one should consider these coins before diving deep into their investments in other cryptos. Therefore, one should open a cryptocurrency account on the best platforms and others that deal with Stablecoins and other buffering cryptocurrencies to diversify their portfolio.


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