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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Google Plans to Add AI Features to Its Main Search Engine, says Sundar Pichai

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Artificial intelligence (AI) components will soon be added to Google’s search engine. It faces fierce competition from Open AI’s chatbot ChatGPT at the moment.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that the new AI features would improve the search engine’s capacity to respond to requests. He denied that chatbots pose a danger to Google’s search operations. More than half of Alphabet’s revenue comes from the search industry. With $162 billion in revenue generated last year, search ads are the company’s top source of income.

A pioneer in creating large language models (LLM), Google has not yet created a tool to control search behavior. According to  Pichai, users can interact with these substantial language models by asking queries. Rival Microsoft has implemented the ChatGPT system’s supporting technology in its Bing search engine.

Given the demand from investors to decrease costs, this is one of the biggest risks facing Google under Pichai. The largest-ever layoff by Google occurred in January with 12,000 positions lost. The Google CEO claimed that Google has not yet reached its objective of becoming 20% more productive.

According to a recent article, Google is reportedly exploring new Google AI features in Gmail. Microsoft, on the other hand, includes AI in some of its other commercial software solutions. As academics have highlighted worries about the accuracy of AI-powered chatbots, the Mountain View-based technology giant is being cautious regarding technology. Pichai said it is necessary to change how resources are used to continue working on AI while controlling expenses.

Google wants to attract more customers, the WSJ story said. Last month, it gave developers access to one of its biggest AI systems, the Pathways Language Model, via its cloud computing service.



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