How to use the Goniophotometer and Integrating Sphere to test LED Lightings?

The use of the Goniophotometer and Integrating Sphere is one of the important ways to measure the Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Every day, we are exposed to more than a million hours of bright light. This creates the need for us to shield our eyes from harmful UV radiation. For the last few years, companies have been working hard to make indoor lighting that is suitable for use in public spaces.

Although technology is changing at a fast pace, many factors continue to affect the industry. One of them is the use of LED lights in offices and homes. In this article, we will help you understand how LED lights work and which one is the best for your application. Also, we will explain what the Goniophotometer and Integrating Sphere are and how they can be used to test LED lighting.

What is a Goniophotometer

The Goniophotometer is an instrument that measures light density, luminance, and color. It is generally used to test the glowing motion of coordinated light sources like LED and car headlights.


It depends on the guideline of a photometer with a rotating arm that is fitted with a roundabout mirror. Light is constantly taken care of to this mirror through various points (as the arm pivots) which gives data about the iridescent transition, power circulation, and productivity of the source.

How to use it?

Place the Integrating Sphere on a flat surface like your desk or tabletop. Remove the cap from the optical-grade plastic tube piece by unscrewing the polished metallic ring around 1 ¼ inch in diameter which houses ball bearings. Light bulb 3 – LED 2 On cigar-blend papers underneath the Integrating Sphere. Using a 5D Pen make diagonal arrows on the drawing paper, noting light intensity (lux) and color reflected by drawings of various subjects or materials.

What is an LED? The LED uses semiconductor-enriched silicon when it becomes semi-transparent forming electrons in bands known as valence band and electronic structure for hot carrier injection Quantum Mechanics that changes between two forms called p electron and n conduction Band Theory: Variables (characteristics) Property Value Luminosity Lumen 1000 cd Luminance Lux 7000 lm. Electrical Frequency Electrical: 60Hz  Effective Illuminant Flux 10,800 ANSI 011, 3695 ISO 4892 Color Temperature  1500 – 3500 K SMD LED Lamps Wegner Type Number of LEDs 13pcs / 5W Each a 30mm long CURRENT I P 27.8MA/1000.

What are the benefits of using a Goniophotometer?

Goniophotometer is a photometer utilized for estimating the precise reliance of optical amounts, including lights and luminaires. It helps in assessing the radiant force supply, iridescent motion, luminance dispersion, spatial shading circulation, UGR table, and so on Goniophotometer gives an estimation of iridescent power circulation alongside absolute brilliant motion. Likewise, it can gauge the absolute brilliant motion of SSL results of both more modest and bigger sizes.

What is an Integrating Sphere?

Integrating Sphere is used to help determine the precise location of a light source and illumination divided into each point in the space. It has been prepared by taking off the top cap on which was floating metal discs that held up balls having another round disc at its center where we did with arcsical glasses or eyeglasses, consisting tapes as well as spherical lenses for this everyone can see what is revealed.

How does it work?

When you leave the cap on, it will release an electron shaped like a cone, which shines brighter and quicker transmitting light to multiple clear points around places that have been covered in dark. In Integrating Sphere we will simulate this feature. Neon Lasers Waves:  Red, blue and yellow are all a part of the visible spectrum emission, which looks like white light (rainbows) at violet and ultraviolet reaches laser degree 600 nm having wavelengths shorter than the human eye can see but with long enough range to be harmful. It consists of emissive atomic elements called elementary excitation among them are photons emitted by atoms that have had given the right order of energy that react with electrons in a laser. This new little universe contains atoms that emit an invisible light called infrared or ‘thermal’ radiation. (Invisible heat’) usually when it comes near to our bodies, penetrating into deeper layers warming their cells gluing them together.

What are the benefits of using an Integrating Sphere?

The integrating sphere system is fit for total luminous flux and color measurement of integrated LED lamps and relatively small-size LED luminaires. The integrating sphere system has the benefit of quick estimation and doesn’t need a dull room. Air development is limited and temperature inside the circle isn’t dependent upon the variances possibly present in a temperature-controlled room. It ought to be noticed that the hotness from the SSL item mounted in or on the incorporating circle might gather to expand the surrounding temperature of the item under test.

Two sorts of incorporating circle frameworks are utilized, one utilizing a V(l)- adjusted photometer head, and another utilizing a spectroradiometer as the finder. Ghostly jumble mistakes happen with the principal technique because of the deviation of the general otherworldly responsivity of the incorporating circle photometer from the V(l), while there is hypothetically no phantom confuse blunders with the subsequent strategy.

Blog Conclusion: LED lightings are very popular in modern times. But the quality of LED lighting is not good enough. To improve the quality of LED lightings, we need to use an integrating sphere to test the LEDs. Goniophotometer is a device used to measure the optical properties of a surface by illuminating it with an intense source and measuring how much light passes through it at different angles. The output gives us information about how much light has passed through the material and what type of wavelength it contains. This knowledge can be used to produce better-LED lights for our daily use.

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