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Understanding Financial Business Intelligence (BI), Its Principles, and Purposes

Companies from the financial sphere operate huge amounts of data. But in most cases around 73% of information is left without attention. There are different reasons for it, like format variance, policy issues, or the absence of suitable tools capable of generating valuable insights from the raw data. However, special intelligent technology can help your data work for business growth, strengthening competitiveness and gaining more profit.

BI Definition

Financial business intelligence refers to IT infrastructure responsible for collecting, storing, and analyzing data scope that a company produces. BI represents the results of information extraction in a user-friendly view, like reports, diagrams, graphs, or tables. Visualization helps managers to understand what is currently going on in their companies, and how today’s situation differs from a historical one. This analysis helps to make suitable data-managed decisions to improve the state of things and reach better productivity.

BI Methods

There are several approaches used in BI that help to improve performance. They include:

  • Data mining with AI, repositories, and machine learning to detect tendencies in various arrays of information.
  • Performance metrics. BI compares the current quality and speed of the system with previous indicators and shows how the situation changes in dynamics.
  • Data visualization. Tools convert arrays of information into a graphical form to make a process of perception more easier and available. 
  • Reporting. This method is used for generating reports, sorting, filtering data, and sharing it with stakeholders for making conclusions.
  • Spreadsheets. Simple Microsoft Office and Google tables for content unification, processing, and calculation.
  • Online analytical process. This software helps companies examine datasets from different perspectives and determine what maximum value they may bring.

BI apps and tools can shape many forms, but their main aim is to gather the company’s data from various starting points and represent them in the most visible way.

Issues that BI Helps to Solve

Why do sales volumes differ in various regions? Is customer satisfaction remaining the same compared to last year? How do our business partners, affiliates, and users rate us on social media?  With BI enterprises can get answers to the most critical questions about productivity, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses to build data-driven strategies for process optimization and upgrading. Here are the vital benefits BI drives to financial organizations:

  • Helps to wisely allocate available resources, reach strategic goals, and grow ROI.
  • Analyze customers’ behavior and desires, follow the latest trends, and apply this knowledge to improve a final product and conclude successful marketing campaigns.
  • Contribute to faster business adaptation to changing market demands and consumer expectations.
  • Monitor processes in real time providing opportunities to fix arising issues at the initial stage.
  • Control every stage of the financial chain and establish an excellent collaboration between participants.

If you want to check whether it’s possible to get more value from your corporate data, Avenga experts may help to discover your hidden prospects and fully capitalize on massive data with BI deployment. You’ll receive comprehensive assistance on tools and services which will contribute to reducing operational costs and generating revenue.



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