Fair Gambling: How Online Casino Slots Give Random Results?

There are many reasons to learn more about the mechanism of operation of virtual gaming slots in well-known Australian licensed establishments, from the need to understand the mechanics of pokies for a comfortable game to the desire to learn how to win against slot machines. 

For example, there is a myth that playing at a certain time gives you a better chance of winning. The time spent playing online pokies does not affect the winnings’ size; however, players who believe in this fiction often create peak loads on the sites.

Online slots: What are They?

Pokies have quite a long history:

  • The very first slot machines (the so-called one-armed bandits) were mechanical devices of the 19th century. The winnings were determined by the depth of the teeth of the disks that moved the reels with numbers.
  • Electromechanical and electrical pokies with built-in electric motors appeared in the 20th century. Numerous sensors determined the combinations.
  • Slot machines of the 21st century in land-based casinos are computers, the winning combinations of which are determined by a random number generator, also a program.

Presented in the online pokies Australia real money catalogue are applications developed specifically for virtual casinos. Some programs can be installed on smartphones or other computer devices; other virtual slot machines can only be played in online casinos.

How Online Slots Work?

Online pokies, like land-based slot machines, operate based on a random number generator (RNG), modern software that determines the combinations on the screen. Programmers, mathematicians and psychologists participate in creating a random number generator.

A professor at MIT developed the modern RNG model, which is a 128-bit MD5 algorithm. The algorithm is used in security systems and PC protection systems. Whether visitors play demo slots or place real money bets, slot machines are controlled by a random number generator.

When the player starts the game, the generator produces 100 random numbers per minute, meaning a certain combination. Clicking the button determines which numbers are selected and which symbols are displayed on the screen. The only thing the gambler influences is the moment he presses the button. 

After the result appears on the screen, the system determines the win or loss and updates the balance information. The slot works the same way during bonus rounds and free spins.

Leading slot machine manufacturers always test their games, providing software for testing in reliable laboratories:

  • NMi,
  • GLI,
  • eCOGRA
  • iTech Labs.

The main mechanism for the functioning of online pokies is a random number generator, which creates game combinations based on algorithms. It is impossible to influence RNG, and the software must be tested.

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