7 Most Useful Dewalt Tools for Your Telecommunication Crew

The quality of work telecommunication technicians do is greatly affected by the equipment and tools they use. For this, it is extremely important for telecom technicians to have a proper and high-quality kit for performing their job perfectly. 

There are many brands of tools to choose from, and one of the best and most popular is Dewalt. Dewalt tools are chosen by millions of professionals and contractors around the world, including telecom technicians. Today, Dewalt is one of the leading manufacturers of power tools and accessories, including corded and cordless tools, drills, routers, saws, planers, grinders, etc. 

If you are a telecommunication technician, here is a list of the most useful Dewalt tools that you need to have in your kit: 

Electrical Multimeter

An electrical multimeter is one of the most important telecommunication tools. It is used to detect the most important energy magnitudes, such as power, voltage, active energy, current, and reactive power. This little device allows a telecom technician to understand whether a line is currently transmitting. It also helps find out if there is a fault in the network causing a reduced capacity of a cable. 

Cable Crimping Tools

Wires do not usually come with connectors or plugs built-in. Even if they did, they may get broken or damaged and need repair. If this happens, a technician will use a cable crimper tool. Cable crimpers come in different sizes, and some of them are application-specific. Each cable crimper is created to provide different features, gauge sizes, and styles of crimp for every unique application. Dewalt offers many different cable crimping tools to choose from. 


A screwdriver is one of the most essential hand tools that every tool kit should contain. Professional telecom technicians have a great variety of screwdrivers of different sizes in order to be able to perform their operations properly. Dewalt screwdrivers are known for their convenient design with such features as ergonomic handles steel blades that allow them to do different jobs with maximum protection and precision. 

Cable Strippers 

It is a powered, dedicated tool that is used for stripping electrical cables without an exposed knife. They are used in a wide range of telecom applications and projects. Dewalt cable strippers are known for their durability and convenient design. By using wire strippers of this brand you can say goodbye to cutting cables with a knife and cutting your hands.  

Electrical Testers And Tools

An electrical tester is a device that telecommunication technicians use to find out whether or not power is reaching the circuit. Most electrical testers are quite affordable and can be found in hardware stores. Dewalt electrical testers may be more expensive than similar tools of other brands, but they are worth it. Here is a list of several types of electrical testers to choose from: 

  • Voltage testers. This handy device is used to determine the presence of voltage in circuit breakers, wires, light fixtures, outlets, switches, and cables. 
  • Continuity testers. This tester is used to find out whether a light switching is working properly. A telecom technician uses this tool to see if an electrical circuit is closed or open. Closed circuits can conduct electricity, while open cannot. 
  • Electronic voltage testers. It is used for measuring the direct and alternating current and providing a numeric reading of the current-voltage. 
  • Non-contact voltage testers. Technicians use this type of electrical tester to read the tested device and wires without direct contact. 
  • Circuit breaker finders. They are used to determine the circuit breaker that is controlling the outlet. It consists of two parts – a receiver and a transmitter.

Laser Measure Tools

It is an advanced measuring device that has a computer, laser, and optical sensor. The laser and sensor send information to the computer by providing a user with accurate distance learning. This tool is often used not only by telecom techs but also by architects and even realtors. Having a laser measure tool is like having your personal assistant. Dewalt offers a great variety of laser measure tools used for different applications. They are:

  • Line lasers. They are perfect for indoor projects but can be also used outdoor effectively. 
  • Combination lasers. This type of laser measure tool can project both lines and spots simultaneously and independently. 
  • Rotary lasers. They are often used on the worksite and indoors. 

Crimping Pliers

This tool is indispensable in the toolbox of every telecom technician. It is used for dealing with underground cables, overhead distribution cables, copper power cables, and others. They are known as durable and strong tools that are often used in electrical projects and applications for crimping connectors and terminals. There are two common types of pliers to choose from – electronic and manual pliers. Both these types have their advantages and disadvantages. 

Shop For Dewalt Telecom Tools At Destiny Solutions

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