Why is Dedicated server Italy beneficial for your business?

Dedicated server grants certain freedom to use entire hosting without sharing. You can simply handle your website on your own. A dedicated server is fully secured even when you are getting high traffic on your website.

If you are very passionate to grow your business in Italy then a dedicated server is the best. In Milan, Italy dedicated server hosting will boost your page load speed, improve your digital security and avoid devastating downtime.

High-traffic business websites, eCommerce portals, and companies serving high-profile clients should choose dedicated server Italy. You can control your website with cPanel or Plesk whatever you choose. There are all the options that you wanted to change on your website.

Drawbacks of choosing VPS hosting

VPS(virtual private server) resides within a parent server to provide private resources to users. In VPS hosting multiple users share the same server but have their limits on things like RAM and bandwidth.

  1. VPS Hosting is suitable for small businesses or large personal websites but dedicated servers are suitable for medium to large business websites.
  2. VPS gives flexible resources limits with the possibility of using other websites’ resources but a dedicated server provides massive resources limits that are flexible depending on your need.
  3. You can install your security software but are still at risk if others have a security breach. In a dedicated server, you can install any security software because you are the owner of your server, you don’t rely on any other.
  4. The VPS server also provides fast loading speed but lessens the speed if multiple sites on the server have traffic surges at the same time. In contrast to it, a dedicated server provides super quick page loading speed based on your resources.

How does a dedicated server in Italy work for your business?

Many people want to open their business but are afraid of digital security and are stuck between choosing VPS Hosting and a dedicated server. 

As I have mentioned the drawbacks of VPS hosting, if you want to open your business on a larger scale then a dedicated server is the best.

There are so many growing businesses in Italy and if they are getting good from them then what will make your business different from those – a good server then YES, this is the answer.

Dedicated server Italy has a wide range of users, so you should also pay more attention to your server rather than sharing it with other websites and getting stuck in between.

A dedicated server provides more user readability, security, and high page load speed even when you are getting high traffic.

If you have a business niche in technology, media, entertainment, gaming, sports, or any other kind of niche and are very serious about your business then serverwala is here to provide you with the best-dedicated server in Italy.

Server Wala provides a cheap yet best-dedicated server in Italy. You will see many other hosting servers in Italy but with serverwala dedicated server, you will find the difference. With our cheap dedicated server Italy plan, we ensure the ultimate control, security, and 99.90% guaranteed network uptime.

Moreover, at a cheap price, our service provides you to manage your account with relevant tools to increase your page speed load and other factors like security to boost your website as an SEO-optimised website.

Serverwala’s best-dedicated server Italy plans for your website

They have 4 types of plans for a cheap dedicated server in Italy starting from 1-month usability to 1 year. They also provide discounts on these plans. Plans have different bandwidths, storage, and RAM with different prices.

  1. One Month Plan- Starting from $305.00(32 GB) to $745.00(128GB)
  2. Three Month Plan- Starting from $915.00(32GB) to $2235.00(128 GB)
  3. Six Month Plan- Starting from $1647.00(32 GB) to $4023.00(128 GB)
  4. One Year Plan- Starting from $2928.00(32 GB) to $7152.00(128 GB)

All Six-month plans and One-year plans of dedicated server Italy have 10% and 20% discounts respectively.

Key features of Italy dedicated server



Hardware RAID

Our bare metal Italy dedicated server supports RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID10.

IPV4 and IPV6 Address

Our dedicated server in Italy provides one Ipv4 and Ipv6 address. You can also buy more IPs

SSH Root Control

A dedicated server is best to give entire root access for making easy server configuration and customization.

Robust Network

Our network connectivity is combined among the multiple internet exchanges including extreme-IX -bandwidth, extreme- IX, DE-CIX, NIXI, from the industry-leading service providers.

Data Encryption

Including DDoS protection, you can encrypt your data with firewall protection with our best-dedicated server in Italy.

Premium Bandwidth

Our Italy dedicated server comes with the 100MB/s to GBPS network bandwidth.

Control Panel

Choose Plesk or cPanel to operate or manage your dedicated server activity.

Here we have discussed all the possible ways that a dedicated server is important for your business. If you want your customers to feel secure with their payment system then you should buy Serverwala’s dedicated server Italy plan.

You can’t miss this opportunity, so grow your business and boost SEO optimization of your website with different plans of serverwala as per your need.

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