Ethereum- The Decentralized Finance Revolution

The sheer number of players and relationships at play creates a dense web that leaves many questions to be answered, risks to be mitigated, and systems to be monitored. If you want to start bitcoin trading in only three steps, visit crypto engine you will get the best liquidity, and the platform is immune to volatility risk. The Ethereum protocol establishes the foundations for self-executing agreements using their Ethereum Virtual Machine.

This powerful tool will allow finance stakeholders the ability to self-enforce agreements without outside interference, allowing for the creation of decentralized financial networks that transcend jurisdictional borders. In the below-mentioned exciting portion, we explore how Ethereum is working towards this goal. Will it become the following significant change in finance or another fad? Let’s have a look.

Ethereum- The Most Awaited Revolution:

Ethereum, in its initial form, was a platform for executing peer-to-peer contracts without third-party interference. As the project evolved, it uncovered many more possibilities and ways to create decentralized applications that users can run without a centralized server. The golden egg of decentralization is self-executing agreements or intelligent contracts. Users can use these smart contracts when the two parties involved do not trust each other. Let’s look at some of these scenarios:

Ethereum Benefits

  1. Several companies are taking advantage of Ethereum’s base layer capabilities to build Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). DAOs, in their most basic form, are a system that allows for the organization of people and resources without the need for a board of directors.
  2. Ethereum has been applied to many scenarios where trust issues may arise. In some cases, it’s often hard to trust a third party. It is especially true when dealing with money transfers and debts. For example, it is not rare for people to have linked their credit card information with another person’s bank account details because both parties recently sent each other a lot of money or failed to communicate appropriately about the transactions.
  3. Ethereum allows people to create their bank using the Ethereum network. There will be no need for a third party, such as a bank, to hold the user’s funds or verify transactions. The users can have complete control over their accounts and fund transfers in a trustless environment.
  4. Ethereum enables parties who would like to carry out peer-to-peer commerce, but do not want or need a third party in their transactions, to do so with ease. They may use smart contracts to set up the terms of their interactions, and then they can transact directly with each other or through some escrow service (if needed).

Application of Ethereum in different industries:

1. Health care:

Companies can use Ethereum on the blockchain for electronic medical records, prescriptions, insurance payments, and claims. It also leads to many uses in the pharmaceutical industry.

2. Charity:

Charities can use Ethereum’s base layer capabilities to create transparent donation systems where donors can see exactly how their money is being spent and where it’s going.

3. Smart Cities:

City governments can use Ethereum to manage their resources better and create decentralized voting systems for elections and public polling. In addition, city services such as transportation, waste management, and law enforcement agencies could all be significantly improved with the help of smart contracts and blockchain technology.

4. Sports sector:

Governments can use intelligent contracts to create better citizens’ payment and service delivery systems. Ethereum can also be applied to the sports industry, particularly the betting market. For example, many eSports tournaments have extremely complex betting regulations that involve escrow wallets and payment addresses.


Many governments and companies worldwide have been exploring the implementation of stablecoins to provide monetary transactions without regard to their value. These stablecoins can be easily transferred with Ethereum’s base layer capabilities.

Ethereum has already created a large community of entrepreneurs, developers and enthusiasts. The Ethereum community is dedicated to self-improvement and scalability. To reach its mission, it needs to be able to scale rapidly. Several projects currently in development will enable Ethereum’s network to handle significant transaction volumes, such as the Raiden network or Lightning Network, which will make large-scale applications possible on top of it.

Composable Finance:

Composable finance is an umbrella term that encompasses all decentralized financial networks comprised of financial marketplaces that provide services to software developers to build on and take advantage of their underlying infrastructure. The most exciting component of these networks is their ability to automatically enforce terms and conditions between parties using intelligent contracts.

In a composable finance network, each component can be leveraged as an independent building block by any other component in the network via composition mechanisms such as state channels or sidechains. These mechanisms allow composable parts to be built and reused independently across multiple components.

For example, Ethereum has already made it possible to create financial apps that are fully decentralized and do not require a trusted third party to hold funds. Moreover, they can be created by anyone, regardless of their technical skills or previous experience in software development. The power of composable finance is that it creates impossible financial networks to shut down.

Decentralizing Investment:

The decentralized investment will allow individuals, businesses, and investors to create alternative financial networks without requiring third-party transaction authorization. In addition, it promotes trustless agreements between parties without a need for an intermediary to vouch for them or administer them.


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