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How Much Sugar Should You Eat Per Day?

Nowadays, many people have the awareness that excessive sugar intake is harmful to the body. But the problem is elsewhere. Many people struggle to choose the option of sugar.

It is very difficult to find alternatives that a good taste only like sugar, but will not be harmful to the body. There are also a number of misconceptions about sugar intake among the common people. Let’s discuss them a little.

Is honey a healthier alternative to sugar?

Many people reduce sugar throughout the day and eat sugar free, honey, and refined sugar instead. However, remember that what you choose as a substitute for sugar also contains more or less the same amount of calories. So if you want to reduce daily sugar intake, you have to reduce the intake of sweet foods. And the amount of sugar in cooking has to be reduced.

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How much sugar can be consumed daily?

According to a World Health Organization report, a healthy adult male can eat eight teaspoons of sugar a day according to the body structure of South Asians. Women can eat six teaspoons of sugar a day. However, this amount of sugar can be consumed only if the body weight is proper for both men and women. This amount of sugar can’t be consumed if the body weight is too high.

Does sugar make blood sugar?

There is a big misconception that eating sugar can lead to diabetes. This is completely wrong. But doctors usually suggest controlling sugar intake if you are diagnosed with diabetes. Again, those who overeat sugar are likely to develop diabetes in the future by accumulating fat in their body. However, there is no evidence in medical science that sugar will lead to diabetes.

Stop eating sugar completely?

Do not stop eating sugar at all or reduce it overnight without the advice of your doctor. Low body sugar levels can also be fatal. Do it slowly if you want to reduce the amount.

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