How Much Does It Cost to Build a Padel Court?

Padel is a racquet sport popular in Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico, Spain, and Argentina, though it is not as popular worldwide as tennis. As it is an enjoyable game, it is important to play the game in a comfortable padel court. Also, having a well-designed pitch fencing system is important in Padel as it not only enhances the overall appearance of the court but also ensures player safety by preventing balls from flying out of the playing area. 

Padel Tennis and Padel Court

The padel court is the playing arena for padel tennis. This game, being popular in many countries because of its resemblance to tennis, is not as famous as tennis. Because, despite its logic being comparable to tennis played by many people, padel court tennis demands greater strategic power. 

Many individuals want to learn to play padel tennis since it is good for arm development. Despite the fact that it is played on a smaller scale than tennis, it is largely regarded as the most enjoyable and helpful sport to have emerged in recent years. The popularity of the game in most countries has attracted a great number of people to this sector.

Padel Court Dimensions

The minimum size of a padel court is 20 x 10 m. It’s about the same size as a tennis court. The court’s sidewalls (glass) are 3 meters long, while the back walls (glass) are 4 meters long. Within the full-size tennis court area, two international-sized padel courts may be readily built up. Padel tennis courts can be created both outside and indoors. Furthermore, the walls of a padel court are typically made using glass (traceable), but plywood (not traceable) works as well.

Padel Court Elements and Installation

Concrete casting, ironworks, wire mesh, lighting, synthetic grass carpet flooring, and lastly tennis net installation are the stages of padel tennis court construction. There are some steps to be followed in this process:

  • The floor for a padel court is leveled during the infrastructural development.
  • The foundation for the beam formwork that would go around the site’s whole perimeter is dug.
  • At regular intervals, anchor pipes are placed on the scale to connect the main posts of the fence to be positioned within the perimeter beam.
  • The perimeter beam formwork is then filled with ready-mixed concrete.
  • To create a drainage system, drainage channels are opened by the team. These canals are closed and reset with the ground once the drainage system in the field is completed with the proper material.
  • The padel tennis court’s floor is being covered with gravel filling material once the drainage system is complete.
  • The perimeter poles and wire fence installation is started.
  • The vertical pole pipes are welded to the anchor pipes on the line. These pipes are then connected to horizontal support pipes.
  • On the long sides of the padel tennis court, lighting poles with ladders are installed.
  • The most acceptable points for the net rod are jointly chosen based on the field’s compliance with the standards.
  • The poles are secured in place once the synthetic grass carpet covering has been placed.
  • Then, surrounding the court, 4×4 cm mesh and PVC coated wire mesh is strung to the poles and the entire field is fenced. In addition to this process, steel ropes are used to strengthen these fences.

Padel Court Cost

Padel court cost may vary according to some elements such as the size of the playground, the area to be applied, the products used, and the product quality. Although each padel tennis court manufacturer has its own elements to be considered for the price, it will be much more effective for the person who will have padel tennis courts to discuss the details with the company that they have preferred.

Integral Spor and Padel Tennis Court

It can be observed that Integral Spor, having worked in this industry for a long time and gained knowledge, offers quality padel tennis courts when compared to other leading companies. Because the company employs a large number of competent and knowledgeable individuals who not only make high-quality goods but also properly install them. Furthermore; the company is seemed to follow the last developments in its sector. By considering these developments, necessary updates are being made for its special customers.

If you need assistance with a padel tennis court from a professional business, you may contact Integral Spor right away or visit their website. The company’s professionals and expert team will answer you as soon as possible and forward your requests. If you wish you may also request free price information and get the best and most quality padel court at affordable prices at home and abroad.

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