Top Commercial Electrical Issues Every Energy Manager Should Know

Running a successful manufacturing plant entails a lot of planning. Any downtime can affect productivity. That’s why you should have a good plan. Have a reliable system. Install a safe electrical-based system. Use the right business electricity comparison sites to get the best energy rates. Remember, electrical mistakes can lower the productivity in your company. Avoid making the following mistakes for improved company efficiency.

Extreme Power Loads

Don’t overload your system. Most manufacturing plants experience power outages due to overloading. And when this happens, their commercial activities will be automatically brought to a halt. But why should you risk it when you can simply contact a professional to inspect your fuse box and main breaker panel?

Wrong Electrical System

Utilize the right electrical circuit. Make sure that it can the high voltage appliances within your space. If you don’t make the right selection, this might result in circuit breaking. And this can particularly become rampant if all devices are being operated at the same time. This issue can often be fixed by a commercial electrician.

Naked Electrical Wires

Be conscious of exposed electrical wires. They can trigger an electric fire. If an electric outlet is producing sparks, then that could indicate a build-up of heat which could cause the insulating wires to melt and result in a fire. If you notice any hot outlets, then be sure to carry out the necessary maintenance procedures.

Not Considering Lighting Inefficiencies

Upgrade your lighting system. If you feel that your lighting is inefficient, then don’t hesitate to install new lighting. Incandescent bulbs are only ten percent efficient and lose most of their energy as heat. LED bulbs, on the other hand, are ninety percent efficient and last longer than other forms of lighting.

 Not Switching Lighting Off

Don’t leave the lights on when they aren’t in use. Lighting empty rooms waste huge amounts of energy and increase your energy bill as well. Remember to switch off the lights after you’re done working to avoid paying exorbitant energy bills.  

For factory floors and outdoor lots, consider installing timers, as well as, motion-sensing lights. This will play a significant role in minimizing your energy bills. Of course, you’ll need to light your security lights throughout but it’s worth determining where you can reduce your expenses.

Leaving Laptops On

As compared to laptops, desktop computers are less energy-efficient. Research shows that a desktop computer typically consumes about 220 kilowatt-hours of energy annually, whereas a laptop only consumes 20 kilowatt-hours of energy annually. Switching to laptops can save you substantial amounts of energy. Plus, they offer greater portability and versatility.

Poor HVAC System Maintenance

Check your HVAC system regularly. Routine preventive maintenance minimizes energy wastage and saves your business a lot of money. A dirty HVAC system limits airflow and causes your equipment to work much harder. The EPA recommends performing a yearly tune-up on your HVAC unit to improve its efficiency by twenty percent or even more.

Wasting Energy

Having hot running water is necessary for your business. However, hot water can waste energy. Having complete control over your water bills will lower utility bills in your business. Don’t take long showers.

Turn your business heater down to save energy. Preferably, turn it to around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Doing this can save you up to 22 percent in terms of energy bills. Within a year, you can save up to $400.

Not Having Good Energy Management Plan

Energy management is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Business managers should prioritize creating robust energy management-based plans. This includes switching to energy-efficient bulbs.

Carry out an energy audit. It will help you analyze energy usage in your company. Have a written plan. Switch to the right energy supplier. Purchase energy-efficient appliances. Use the right data when analyzing energy usage in your company,

Not Hiring Energy Manager

Specialization is very important when it comes to the productivity of any company. Don’t leave energy-related issues to employees. Bring in an energy manager. An energy manager understands all things energy. He/she will come up with strategies to help your company save energy.

He/she will also liaise with other stakeholders to reduce energy wastage in your company. An energy manager will communicate energy-saving policies to the rest of the employees. He/she will monitor the implementation of energy-saving policies in your company.

Not Using Renewable Energy

Nowadays, companies are turning to renewable energy. Cost-effective and highly reliable, renewable energy can make your office more sustainable. For instance, solar energy will eliminate the over-reliance on electricity in your company. Wind energy is also another good option.

Work Home Options

If possible, allow some of your employees to work from home.  Working from home means spending less money powering computers and lighting spaces. Let them come to the office 2-3 times a week. Besides lowering utility costs, allowing your employees to work from home can lower administrative and other overhead costs.

Not Going Paperless

Printing materials can increase the cost of energy in your office. That’s why you should leverage technology to save energy. Going paperless means that you will rarely use printers and photocopiers in your office. Use emails. Send your memos electronically.

Poor Insulation

Keeping your office comfortable during the winter can be costly. This is especially true if your office doesn’t have sufficient insulation. However, with proper insulation, you can lower the cost of energy in your office. Ensure that the windows are properly insulated. Install modern, energy-efficient windows.

Planting Trees

The summer can be hot. The best way to cool your office surrounding is by planting trees. Thus, look for good trees. Plant them around your office. It will make spaces cooler, which can eliminate the need for a heating system in your office.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t allow electrical issues and mistakes to reduce the productivity in your manufacturing plant. Ensure that the electrical systems are running optimally. Avoid excessive power loads. Use the right appliances. Purchase energy-efficient lighting systems. Plant trees around your business. Ensure that your business building is properly insulated. Seal all the cracks.  

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