What is Cholesterol and What Dangers does It Carry

Cholesterol refers to organic molecules or lipids that fall in the lipids or sterols category. It is a biological product that occurs in all animal cells and is an important aspect of membranes. Medical experts can usually separate the cholesterol to form a yellow and crystalline substance.

Cholesterol also serves various other important functions in the body. A good example is that it helps produce steroid hormones, vitamin D, and other similar functions. The cells responsible for the production of cholesterol in animals go by the name operatic cells.

Symptoms (High cholesterol have no Symptoms)

While cholesterol is an important resource for the body, it can often accumulate to high levels, posing a significant health concern. The high cholesterol symptoms are not well known by doctors, but certain factors often highlight the occurrence of the issue. A good example would be high blood pressure, excessive weight, and similar issues. Cholesterol therapy is often the perfect solution for the issue.

Types of Cholesterol

Cholesterol comes in two forms:

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL)

Low-density lipoprotein around the body and in sections such as extracellular fluid make the fats available for body cells. These LDLs also feature various types of proteins, which work to support the functions of cholesterol. The common health risk involved with high LDL is that it can lead to cardiovascular disease.

High-density lipoprotein (HDL)

The HDL also goes by “good cholesterol” and is responsible for absorbing fat and taking it back to the liver. The liver serves the function of removing the HDL from the body. People with high HDL levels are less prone to health issues such as stroke and cardiac disease.

Effects of High Cholesterol

There are various effects of consuming high levels of cholesterol, including

Cardiovascular and Circulatory Systems

High cholesterol levels can accumulate in the blood vessels, thus leading to issues such as clogging and arterial sclerosis. The increased fats make the individual prone to secondary health issues such as high blood pressure and compromised heart functions.

Endocrine system

Cholesterol in the body also hurts the functions of the endocrine system. The reason is that the cholesterol comes from the liver, nerve tissue, and bloodstream. It is an important precursor for various hormones, such as testosterone production. Therefore, the body needs the hormone to manage specific hormone production functions.

Nervous system

Cholesterol has a specific impact on the brain, a major organ in the nervous system. Several cholesterol protein variations exist in the brain. It is also under specific regulatory procedures in the major brain cells and is crucial for developing brain cells. However, an excessive amount can hurt these nervous system functions.

Digestive system

Cholesterol also has a huge impact on the digestive system. It helps produce bile, which is important for breaking down food products. Bile also plays a key role in absorbing nutrients in the body system. However, excessive levels of cholesterol can lead to inconsistent bile products. The excess amounts of bile produced will form in crystals and hard stones that might settle in the gallbladder.

When to see a doctor

The best time to visit a doctor is when you feel your body is overweight or when you surpass the Body Mass Index Limits. The reason is that detecting high cholesterol ahead of time is important for your health outcomes. The cholesterol level can hurt the production of growth hormones because it reduces bile production in the body. One of the main HGH benefits of handling this issue is to lower cholesterol levels.

Risk Factors

Various risk factors can make some prone to negative health outcomes, including:

Poor diet

Issues with poor diet hurt the cholesterol levels that an individual might have in the body. The reason is that foods containing large amounts of fats and processed sugar can increase cholesterol levels.

Over Weight

Being overweight increases the likelihood that the individual will experience overweight issues. Complications such as excessive fat and an unusually high Body Mass Index level mean that the individual is prone to high cholesterol issues.

Low Active Lifestyle

Failing to engage in an active lifestyle is one of the main reasons people are likely to experience high cholesterol levels. The lack of physical activity means that the body will store any extra sugar or nutrients in the form of fat deposits. Eventually, the liver can no longer break down such large amounts of fat, thus leading to high cholesterol issues.

Bad Habits (alcohol, smoking drugs)

Truant habits such as the consumption of drugs, alcohol, and smoking are also likely to lead to high cholesterol levels. These are bad habits that hurt the ability of the body to break down and consume fat.


The functions of various body organs such as the kidney, liver, and heart tend to reduce over time. Therefore, aging people are more likely to experience excessive fat issues when combined with other lifestyle issues.


There are various complications associated with the consumption of high cholesterol in the body, including being overweight. The high cholesterol levels in the body will increase liver activity, thus increasing bile in the body. The individual’s body will become more acidic and prone to issues such as the breakdown of other organs. The cholesterol deposits can also get to components of the body such as the heart, thus leading to sclerosis and other similar complications.


There are various factors to consider when it comes to the prevention of high cholesterol levels in the body:

  • Physical exercises include a large variety of exercises and physical activities aimed at the break down fat stores in different body sections.
  • A healthy diet provides the body with nutrients and energy that are important for various major body functions.
  • Avoid the consumption of large amounts of drugs and products that can compromise the functions of the liver or make the body acidic.


Cholesterol might be an important resource for the body, but excessive levels are also likely to lead to health issues. You have to be careful with the cholesterol levels in your body, such as if you are overweight or have a high BMI rate. You also have to consider physical workouts to help keep the body fit. Fill in the form or get in touch with us today if you need hormone therapy for cholesterol issues.

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