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China Introduces ChatGPT-Like Chatbot Dubbed MOSS

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MOSS is China’s latest attempt at developing a large-scale conversational language model. This model was recently released. An artificial intelligence chatbot is being promoted as a possible alternative to the ChatGPT developed in the United States. It is already accessible for public testing across the entirety of the continent.

The Natural Language Processing Laboratory at Fudan University in Shanghai, which is in charge of making MOSS, is located in Shanghai. The Ministry of Education has named this school a first-class double university and a member of the prestigious C9 League. The C9 League is a group of nine universities the Chinese government chose to improve and advance higher education.

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MOSS can do many things, like create dialogue and computer code, answer questions, and more. Through the website, the group under Professor Qiu Xipeng has made it available to the general public. After providing a mobile phone number, a user who does not already have an invitation code to test out MOSS can sign up for the “waiting list.”

On the other hand, due to the extremely large number of people who visited the website on the evening of February 20, the MOSS server became overwhelmed, which resulted in drastically longer response times. Nonetheless, even though the Chinese chatbot is not as intelligent or advanced as ChatGPT, it can still carry out activities that include language.

“While there is a lot of room for development, the arrival of MOSS indicates that Chinese research teams have the potential to overcome technological hurdles in building products similar to ChatGPT,” said Dr Xipeng Qiu, a professor of computer science at Fudan University. In addition, he disclosed that the Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is providing substantial assistance to the project.

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MOSS is not an abbreviation for any particular terminology, unlike the moniker “ChatGPT,” which is an acronym for “Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer.” The Chinese science fiction film series Wandering Earth, in which a super-intelligent quantum computer is dubbed MOSS, is thought to have inspired MOSS.

People in China think the MOSS chatbot is one of the best ways to fight ChatGPT. However, it has a big language problem because it was made to speak mostly in English instead of Mandarin.MOSS knows more than 30 billion Chinese words, even though its database holds more than 300 billion English words. This is a big problem for the Chinese app, which had planned to capture the market in the language of its intended users.

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The programmers at Fudan Language Lab are working hard to improve the chatbot’s ability to talk in Chinese and to understand and follow instructions. But there are still a lot of problems that need to be fixed before AI chatbots like this can be used by a large number of people.
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