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ChatGPT Creator OpenAI Introduces ZeroGPT: What You Need to Know?

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OpenAI, the company that developed ChatGPT, has now introduced a new tool called ZeroGPT. The company claims that with this new tool, users will be able to determine whether a piece of text was actually written by a person or by an artificial intelligence (AI) program that was designed to look like it was written by a human.

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How does ZeroGPT Work?

According to OpenAI, users are required to type the text into the box and then click the button labeled ‘Detect Text.’ The AI software will check the input using methods built by the ZeroGPT team, and then publish the result of its analysis.

What do the Results Show?

  • ZeroGPT will show you one of the following results:
  • The text is human-written
  • The text is AI/GPT generated
  • Most of it is AI/GPT generated
  • It is most likely AI/GPT generated
  • It is likely generated by AI/GPT
  • Your text sends mixed messages,’ with some parts generated by AI/GPT
  • The text is most likely human-written
  • It is most likely human-written and includes parts generated by AI/GPT

How Accurate is ZeroGPT?

In order to determine where an input came from, ZeroGPT makes use of the technology known as DeepaAnalyze. Its accuracy rate is currently at more than 98%, but OpenAI claims it is working to get it down to less than 1% in the near future.

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How was ZeroGPT Developed?

In order to develop the algorithm for ZeroGPT, the research lab based in San Francisco claims that it analyzed more than 10 million articles, some of which were produced by AI and others of which were written by humans. Experiments, on the other hand, are still being conducted.

Anything Else?

Students, teachers, and educators, as well as writers, freelancers, and copywriters, will profit the most from using the application. In addition to this, it analyzes the text produced by the AI in each of the languages that are offered.

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