What to Look When Buying Footwear for Women?

Coming to a decision that what kind of footwear to wear is a general enigma many people face regularly. Footwear can fill you with great confidence or leave you down with distress. In fact, some types are more appropriate to particular occasions than others, even if that’s for the office or a night out.

Important Footwear Tips to Keep Your Style Intact

Several times, to look good, we don’t pay attention to comfort. Also, if we are worried mainly about comfort, at times, we need to negotiate over the looks. But who claims that beautiful shoes cannot give comfort? Here are some essential tips by Ipanema charm that will help you make a style statement with no compromise on rest or comfort.

1. Consider Size Chart for an Appropriate Fitting

There are many online shopping websites available that inform you previous to selecting a size, describing whether you should go a size big or a small. This is fantastic, but many times, there is not a hint particularly if you haven’t bought from the brand earlier. For good or for bad, shoe size charts will confirm to be your best companions. Do not ignore them fully before moving to the checkout because they won’t deceive you. It is also crucial to look back at various types of shoes that may have distinct ways of matching your size. Thus, the sizes will only help you more in having the correct option.

2. Give Your Sandals or Shoes a Test Walk

Just same as you take a test drive to the car you have a plan to buy, you also require knowing if your footwear does its job perfectly. Apart from size, how your shoes feel while taking a walk in them is a straight giveaway of what you take in – quite rigorously. Get into the pair of a sandal or flip-flops you like and then walk in it for an adequately five-minute interval. Move your toes all over, hold and release your curve a little, and usually see how it comforts your feet. Sooner or later, it is best not to go for anything less than joyful!

3. Always Remember the Occasion, Place & Season Before Buying

In comparison to dress codes, the footwear section has its own rules that are not meant to be broken. If the biggest part of your work makes up enough cumbersome liabilities even if outside or inside, we don’t say that heels are impractical, but in our opinion, you would be happier with platform sandals or blocks to added length. Furthermore, different seasons have a deciding factor too. For example, you cannot choose pure leather or not open shoes in the rainy season, and undoubtedly you can’t go for silicon shoes in the summer. Since these norms are always apt, many of us allow them to go if we see a pair that we really love to wear. What we must be actually doing is making our footwear planning solid, and not only making our shoe shelf look appealing.

4. Quality Check is Necessary

Most of our choices or decisions are dependent on a simple yes or no, and shopping definitely seems like one of them, correct? Footwear is one thing that you can’t reach out the day without. Thus, God withholds if you were to get the dreadful heel-break or clumped-strap in between your travel. It is not only awkward but also time-wasting to get it repaired or restored. So, it is better to keep a regular check on not only new but old footwear as well, if required.


Complementing your shoes with your clothes can make the best edition of yourself. Once you have obtained the effective styling idea you are searching for; you can experiment with diversely available women’s shoes to get an ideal option.

Shoes make the base of each outfit. Hence, they must be complacent and fashionable. Overall, making a fashion assertion with women’s shoes is a very easy task. You only need to find out what is good for you and whatnot. We are sure that after going through the above tips of Ipanema charm you will learn to select the best footwear and style them.

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