Buying a Refrigerated Van- Here’s What to Know

Refrigerated vans are a technology worth mentioning. If you’re in the transport industry, I presume you understand how handy these vehicles are. They are an effective means of transport and useful in most sectors of the economy. However, there are different types of refrigerated vehicles, and not all will suit your needs. Do you plan to buy a refrigerated van for your business? Well, there’s so much to know before making a purchase.

Do I need a refrigerated van?

 The first step to purchasing a refrigerated van is to define your needs. What type of business do you operate? If you deliver perishable goods or pharmaceutical products, a refrigerated van will help you maintain your products at the right temperature.

 However, these vehicles are not only useful in large companies. There are different fridge vans for sale, and you can buy one like a butcher, fishmonger, or caterer. The idea here is to maintain the appropriate temperature in your products.

What should I know when purchasing a refrigerated vehicle?

  1. Understand the temperature requirements for your goods

 Different products require varying temperature levels. You don’t want to mishandle your goods and have them spoil. Therefore, know the temperature requirements of your products and acquire a van to match your needs. Besides, some products don’t need very low temperatures while others will last longer when frozen.

  1. Think of the distance& drop frequency

This will affect your choice of van and the installations in the vehicle. If your business involves making multiple deliveries and drops, you’ll open the door often, and you’ll need a van that can provide cooler temperatures than what you require. And this is because you’ll let in heat every time that you open the doors. You may also need to put up strip curtains in your van to enhance temperature regulation.

  1. Know the load and wheelbase requirements

The wheelbase defines the distance between the front and rear axles of your vehicle. It will affect the available storage space to store and transport your goods. There are different categories of wheelbase, these are;

  • Long Wheel Base
  • Medium Wheel Base
  • Short Wheel Base

The type of wheelbase will determine the load and the number of goods that you can store. It’s then vital to choose what best suits your storage requirements and type of goods.

  1. You have different options – new and used vans.

 You can go for either new or used vans, and both have their benefits and downsides. There’s a higher likelihood of a smooth operation and longevity with a new van. However, this can be costly and may not fit your budget. You can also get a used vehicle in excellent condition. The good thing about used vans is that they are cheap and ideal for anyone on a budget.

Still, you have the option of hiring a refrigerated van. This is ideal if you don’t need to use the vehicle often. Again, you’ll get different van sizes and terms to suit your type of business.

A refrigerated van will benefit your business in many ways. You can buy a new or used van depending on your budget. You can also have one if you don’t need to use it frequently. No matter your needs, engage a legitimate company and learn of the different choices available. Your type of goods will determine the most suitable vehicle for your needs.

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