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Busting Myths About Online Gaming and Their Impact on Gamers

There are times where the societal and conventional norms often influence adults to refrain from indulging themselves in gaming. The norms dictate and influence people about the negative effects of gaming and participation in online gaming platforms.  

People see it as a threat to their personal information being traced in some abnormal way and being misused illegally. The people, especially our parents, remind us about the negative effects of indulging addictively in online gaming.  

Sometimes in life, we come across different zones for exploration which turns out to be an eye-opener for explorers to realize they have a passion that was being ignored by us subconsciously until we finally realise the place where our passion lies.  

There have been many myths which the people with old heritage and culture preach subsiding the new age explorations and trends. The negative aspects being highlighted cannot overpower the positive effects of gaming, even on online portals if the approach of indulgence is genuine and promotes growth.  

The Myths which have been prevailing in our network can be sorted as follows: 

Myth 1: Online Gaming Are Inevitably Addictive 

It is genuine to explore new fields, and dimensions of networks be it social, spiritual, or neural in nature. The Myth which prevails for people indulging in online games is that the people exercising their time into it might make them addicted towards indulging or winning a game.  

A group of people hanging out for a game online ludo and playing it for long hours can make their parents and non-gaming friends worry about their addictive approach towards the game. The level of involvement can equally depreciate their relations as well as their day-to-day chores.

Online Gaming

The gaming addiction may lead to chronic and neural stress. The idea of entering into a bad irritated environment can be evident. It is difficult to feel productive in the usual chores we have to complete, and hence everything should have a balance in its particular place. 

Myth 2: Gaming Is A Huge Waste Of Productivity 

Elders usually think that playing games in general, offline or online a can be a waste of time. It is a myth that is proven to be a wrong fact as it is found that people playing online games are supposed to have more effective neural networking skills when compared with a non-gamer.  

Groups of people that plan to play ludo with friends can be a productive environment which might give out an entrepreneurial approach for individuals. It is a waste of time to play games despite the fact when we have a great workload to deal with.  

Gaming can be efficient and stress-free when our products, according to a scheduled timeline, is utilized gracefully. Stealing during work hours is unethical. It is all about defining the actions we commit to having a meaningful purpose. 

Myth 3: Online Gaming Is A Bad Influence On People 

It is a myth defined by people with boundaries towards sharing personal information and system servers online. It is believed that online influence can bring a lot of change in the participants’ personalities. The alteration in personalities can bring about ill effects on people.  

Industry 4.0, Also known as the 4th industrial revolution, can help people define their contributions to society, and hence it is for the fact that surveillance of the individuals indulging in online platforms can bring out positive outcomes if the approach to explore is genuine.  

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The world constitutes people from all walks of life. The context of different explorative things through which different people perceive can bring out a different case study to how the respective people interact with online gaming. 

Myth 4: Online Gaming Can Harm The Well Being Of People 

The approach to gaming can be solely for the means of entertainment and amusement. But the addictiveness can lead to a bad chain of events in our personal lives. If we are consciously into the game and thinking about it during everyday chores, it can have a bad effect on our reality.  

The games where a fee is involved in waging can take a lot out of the participating audience can lead to addiction to earn and win more. The outcome can be devastating and can lead to an extreme materialistic approach towards life which is built due to excessive indulgence on these online gaming portals.  

People need to take care of their eyes, ears, and their mental stress rates to which they expose themselves to different grounds of social networking as well as social interactions through different portals, especially online. 

Myth 5: Gaming Is Not A Sustainable Profession 

It is a popular myth in which our elders define that online gaming is not a stable platform for generating revenue. They feel that it is like a gamble to wage some money to win more. Relying on winning such games and earning can not in any way shape a better future for individuals.  

Even working as a professional and doing thorough research of any online game and the portal it works with, individuals need to have a lot of patience and invest both in time and revenue to have the desired outcome that too in the long term.  

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Hence it is not supportive by our families to wage and work in such kind of skill set. It solely will make individuals rely on savings for establishing an out of the box platform for learners, fanatics, and beginners.  

It is not a rock-solid analogy that online gaming can not be a profession. There are a lot of social influencers who use these portals and have been popularly progressing to achieve success in their endeavours. 


Hence the myths so discussed might be debatable in so many aspects. The genuine approach can bring massive amounts of positivity. The things highlighted can be taken as a measure to refrain from spending too much time on gaming.  

Gamers and fellow researchers can understand and tagline the debatable context further to bring out more facts related to people on online portals and interaction; online gaming is one of the exercises. The impacts on gamers can be further evaluated based on contextual research database testing.



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