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8 Wellness Benefits Of Using A Buckwheat Hulls Pillow 

Buckwheat Hulls Pillow

Pillows have become essential items to people’s comfort. People use them to support their bodies when traveling, sleeping, and meditating. In addition, workers utilize pillows to align their bodies, especially when working on a computer for extended periods. This means that everyone can find a reason to use a pillow.

You can use any pillow to enhance the comfort of your body. However, you can reap even more benefits by utilizing a buckwheat hulls pillow. This article has all you might want to know about buckwheat pillows. You’ll know what it is, its wellness benefits, and how to choose one for your needs. Read on to get enlightened.  

Overview Of Buckwheat Pillows 

Also referred to as sobakawa pillows, these are special types of pillows filled with buckwheat seed hulls. This feature allows these pillows to conform to any body part, thus providing maximum support and comfort to users. That’s why buckwheat pillows are quickly becoming the most preferred pillow type by many people globally.  

You might think that the use of buckwheat pillows is a recent development. However, the first buckwheat pillow was first used in Japan more than six centuries ago. The Japanese have been using sokabawa pillows to enhance their sleep all this time.  

Given their benefits, it was only a matter of time before buckwheat pillows were introduced to almost all other Asian countries. Today, buckwheat pillows are utilized in all parts of the world for different purposes. More specifically, an excellent example of a buckwheat hulls pillow popular today is the millet pillow.  

Benefits Of Buckwheat Hulls Pillow 

The health benefits a person experiences by using buckwheat hull pillows may differ depending on their circumstances. However, here are some common benefits:

  • Minimized Snoring

Snoring is a common problem for most people. This is a harsh or noisy sound you can produce while you sleep. It can occur when you sit or sleep in the wrong posture, thus preventing a free flow of air in and out of your body.  

In addition to irritating people around you, snoring can also have serious health complications in your body. For instance, it’s associated with poor sleep. Unfortunately, lack of sleep is one of the major known causes of severe headaches, heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic ailments. You can prevent the development of these health concerns by using a buckwheat pillow when sleeping at home or traveling.  

As noted earlier, buckwheat pillows are designed to mold around anyone’s body. For instance, they can adequately align your body to the seat when traveling or straighten your body when asleep. This helps enhance your breathing experience, thus minimizing snoring.  

However, if you continue snoring even after utilizing a buckwheat pillow, you should consider visiting a doctor. There could be a serious underlying health condition that requires medical attention.  

  • Prevents Dehydration

If you’re looking for simple yet effective ways to boost your overall health, you should avoid dehydration. This is a health condition that involves excessive loss of water in the body. Common symptoms of prolonged dehydration include feeling tired, constipation, dry mouth, headaches, and dizziness.  

One of the best ways to handle dehydration is to drink a lot of water and other recommended drinks. Surprisingly, using a buckwheat hull pillow may also help prevent this serious health issue. 

Buckwheat pillows are made with seed hulls that enhance their breathability. This means that the pillows allow moisture and air to flow freely within them. This feature can help your body regulate temperatures. It’s one of the best ways to ensure you don’t sweat excessively, which goes a long way in preventing dehydration.  

  • Promotes Sleep

As has been discussed, sleep is essential for your overall health. Better sleep can help you manage your stress and anxiety. Moreover, it can also allow you to maintain your ideal weight. These are just a few of the reasons it’s recommended to sleep at least eight hours on average daily.  

Unfortunately, a lot of people today struggle to sleep at night. They stay awake way past the ideal bedtime, only for them to realize that it’s already morning. If you’re also finding it difficult to fall asleep at night quickly, you can try using a buckwheat pillow. Because this pillow provides maximum comfort, it can boost your experience at night, thus allowing you to have a better sleep. And due to its ability to conform to your body, you can always find the right buckwheat pillow for your needs regardless of your sleeping position.  

You can also use a buckwheat pillow to enhance your sleep when traveling. This is especially important when traveling to faraway destinations that require you to sleep for long hours in challenging positions.  It’ll provide support to your entire body, allowing you to sleep better. 

  • Helps Relieve Migraine

Do you sometimes experience frequent pains on one side of your head? If you do, you could be suffering from migraines. This is a severe headache that also causes a pulsing sensation. Other migraine symptoms include vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, sweating, diarrhea, feeling of dizziness, and tender scalp.  

While migraine can be caused by stress, missing meals, or reaction to specific chemicals, it can also result from cervical stiffness. This happens when you sit or sleep in the wrong posture. To help address this problem, consider getting a buckwheat pillow. Most buckwheat pillows have the proper filling to keep your spinal cord in the correct position. This helps reduce cervical stiffness and prevent migraines or headaches in general. 

  • Prevents Back Pains 

If you suffer from back pain when sleeping or traveling, a buckwheat hulls pillow may just be the item for you. Keep in mind that one of the major causes of spinal cord injury is staying in the wrong position for hours on end. Back pains can interfere with your life because you might not be able to perform some of your daily tasks. 

Although you should seek medication attention to deal with back pain, this will entail significant costs. This is especially true when your doctor recommends you undergo spine surgery

Having these potentially costly and painful health problems in mind, you should pay heed to the adage, ‘prevention is better than cure.’ And this is where buckwheat hull pillows come in. Using a buckwheat pillow when sleeping or traveling helps provide the best alignment to your spinal cord, which prevents injuries and back pains 

  • Prevents Neck Pains 

Neck pain is a common health concern worldwide. The major cause of neck pain is sleeping in poor posture, which causes muscle stiffness.  And one of the best preventive measures for neck pains is the use of a buckwheat pillow.  This type of pillow can effectively support your body, allowing you to have the correct posture at all times, which helps prevent neck pain.  

You’re also likely to develop neck pain if you work too long on a computer without changing positions. So, if you have a lot of tasks that demand you spend several hours on a computer, consider utilizing a buckwheat pillow to avoid neck pain.  

Moreover, some buckwheat pillows are designed to fit around the neck. You can use them to support your body on a chair when working for long hours. The pillow will adequately align your body to the chair. This will not only help avoid neck pains but will also help boost your productivity.  

Traveling long distances can also cause neck pain. This occurs especially when you’re not going to stay in the proper posture. For instance, staying in the wrong position when traveling by car, airplane, or train forces you to strain your head, which can also cause neck pain.  

Although rushing to the nearest chemist to buy painkillers is a quick way to relieve yourself from neck pain, you could’ve avoided it by using a travel pillow. It provides maximum support to your body. This ensures you’re not straining your head, thus preventing neck pain. 

  • Free From Toxins

Most other types of pillows are made with synthetic materials. These materials contain chemicals and foul odor, which could potentially harm your health.  

On the other hand, buckwheat pillows are made with natural, organic materials. This helps reduce the possibility that you might inhale toxic chemicals.  Besides, they have a natural, aromantic, and calming smell, which enhances your experience and wellbeing.  

  • Buckwheat Pillows Are Hypoallergenic

Another benefit of using buckwheat pillows is that they’re hypoallergenic, which means that they’re unlikely to cause allergic reactions. On the other hand, most other types of pillows are non-hypoallergenic. These pillows can attract and store dust. When you inhale dust, you can develop health complications like coughing, irritating eyes, sneezing, hay fever, and asthma.

Also, other types of pillows can attract harmful insects like lice, bed bugs, and many others. These creatures can bite you, leading to health complications like skin cancer and ecthyma.  That’s why you need to utilize a buckwheat pillow.  

Buckwheat pillows are made from natural materials that don’t attract dust and insects. This goes a long way in maintaining good health.  

How To Choose The Right Buckwheat Pillow

As you’ve seen above, there are several health benefits to utilizing buckwheat pillows. However, it’s best if you find the best pillow for your needs. Some of the essential factors to consider when choosing a buckwheat pillow include the following:  

  • Price And Quality 

Although the available buckwheat pillows may provide an almost identical experience, the prices may differ.  One of the main factors that can affect the price of a buckwheat pillow is its quality. If you’re on a tight budget, you may consider buying a low-priced buckwheat pillow.  

However, you shouldn’t compromise the quality of a buckwheat pillow for low-price offers. Most low-priced buckwheat pillows also have poorer quality. In other words, they won’t last for long.  

At the same time, you need to note that in some cases, the price of a buckwheat pillow may not always reflect its quality.  For that reason, find a high-quality buckwheat pillow for a reasonable price. If you’re on a very tight budget, find sellers who offer their products at discounted prices.  

  • Size 

Size is another thing you need to consider when selecting a buckwheat pillow.  This is important because various buckwheat hulls pillows are made to fit different people.  

Although your buckwheat pillow will eventually mold to fit your body, it’s always good to select the correct size from the beginning. Some buckwheat pillows are made for adults, while others are for kids.  

  • Shape

Depending on what you want to achieve with your buckwheat pillow, make sure to pick the correct shape. Different shapes are designed for different purposes. For instance, a buckwheat pillow designed for traveling might not provide you with maximum support when sleeping or meditating.  

Most travel pillows are U-shaped to fit around the neck. On the other hand, sleep pillows come in various shapes to suit the various sleeping positions. These include rectangular, circular, and cylindrical options. But if you don’t want to buy several different pillows to cater to each activity, you can find a multipurpose buckwheat pillow.  

  • Size And Weight

Size and weight might not be a problem when selecting a sleeping pillow. However, you should consider them when you’re looking for a pillow for meditation or travel. 

In some instances, meditation may require you to travel from your home. This can be in the forest, on top of a mountain, or any other isolated place. To have better meditation, you need to have a sober mind. Therefore, you should ensure that you’re not tired, annoyed, or distracted.  

Carrying a large buckwheat pillow with a significant weight can cause you to develop fatigue. This affects both your physical and mental wellbeing. You might not get the results you’re striving for when you meditate in this state.  

When it comes to traveling, choosing a small and light-weight buckwheat pillow ensures that you can easily add it to your carry-on luggage. This also eliminates the possibility of developing fatigue.  

  • Seller’s Reputation

Lastly, you can ensure you’re buying the right buckwheat pillow by researching the sellers’ reputation. You can achieve this by reading other customers’ reviews. This is important because some companies claim to sell the best buckwheat pillows, which might not be the case.  Purchase your buckwheat pillow from a seller with consistently positive reviews.  


If you want to improve your overall wellbeing, you may want to utilize a buckwheat pillow when sleeping and traveling. This helps promote the support and comfort of your entire body. As you’ve read in this article, there are several health benefits to using a buckwheat pillow. Just make sure you take the time to select the right one.  


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