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Hey there, adventurer! Bloxd  is an online game that will have you completely hooked with its stunning Minecraft graphics and an array of captivating game modes. With parkour, sandbox creativity, and combat options, you can choose your gameplay style depending on your mood. As a matter of fact, as soon as I logged in, I was amazed by the stunning graphics and the variety of game modes available. I decided to start with BloxdHop and quickly found myself addicted to the game. 

Moreover, In, put your skills to the test as you jump and hop through a parkour-style level to reach the end within the given timeframe. In fact, if you have a creative side, DoodleCube is perfect for you. It’s like, where you get to create objects based on a given theme, and other players vote on how representative they are of the object. In fact, with each level, I challenged myself to improve my parkour skills, and the rush of adrenaline I felt as I made it to the end within the given timeframe was exhilarating. I earned gold from my achievements, which I used to purchase new skins and items in the store. With that being mentioned, showcase your artistic skills and compete with others. Climb to the top of the EvilTower in this Roblox-inspired game mode, EvilTower. Use your parkour skills to make it to the top and prove your worth.

And that’s not all, what really stole my heart was the Peaceful mode. The freedom to roam around and build to my heart’s content was so satisfying, and I loved creating my own little world.  The Peaceful mode is just what you need. Here, you can roam freely, collect resources, and build to your heart’s content.  And then Next, I tried out CubeWarfare, and I was blown away by the intense battles and the ability to build blocks in a shooter setting. It was so much fun competing against other players and testing my skills, CubeWarfare! Compete against other players in an exciting third-person shooter setting and build blocks as you fight to be the last one standing.

Discover fun voxelated worlds for free right in your web browser, and earn gold from your achievements, which you can spend in the store. Plus, you can join your friends in multiplayer games and make new ones along the way. 

But, with that experience, you must be wondering which version is the best to start with!

Which Mode Is Fun?

There are 5 main modes as we discussed above and indeed each one has its own gameplay. Considering which if we have to draw a comparison between them, it would majorly depend upon personal experience. But here are some interesting comparison facts I would like to bring to your notice before you make any comparisons:

  • Objective: Reach the end of the map within the given timeframe.
  • Gameplay: Parkour-style hopping on blocks of various sizes.
  • Similarity to other game modes: EvilTower also requires parkour skills to reach the end.
  • Unique features: Timed challenges and various block sizes add a level of difficulty and excitement to the gameplay.
  1. DoodleCube:
  • Objective: Create objects based on given themes and have them voted on for representation.
  • Gameplay: Similar to drawing games like
  • Similarity to other game modes: No direct similarity, as it is a unique game mode.
  • Unique features: Allows players to showcase their creativity and imagination in a fun and competitive way.
  1. EvilTower:
  • Objective: Reach the top of the tower by completing parkour challenges.
  • Gameplay: Similar to BloxdHop, requiring parkour skills to reach the end.
  • Similarity to other game modes: Shares parkour elements with BloxdHop.
  • Unique features: Inspired by Roblox’s Tower of Hell, adding a unique challenge to the game.
  1. Peaceful:
  • Objective: Roam freely, collect resources, and build.
  • Gameplay: Similar to creative mode in Minecraft.
  • Similarity to other game modes: No direct similarity, as it is a unique game mode.
  • Unique features: Allows players to express their creativity and build their own world without time or objective limitations.
  1. CubeWarfare:
  • Objective: Compete against other players in battles.
  • Gameplay: Third-person shooter style with block-building elements.
  • Similarity to other game modes: No direct similarity, as it is a unique game mode.
  • Unique features: Combines shooting gameplay with block-building, creating an exciting and unique gameplay experience.

Overall, offers a variety of game modes that cater to different player preferences, from creative building to competitive battles. Each game mode offers a unique gameplay experience with its own objectives and challenges, making a versatile and enjoyable game for all types of players.

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