Top 30 Roblox Condo Games Alternatives, Features, with Discord Links

Roblox Condo Games is a fun game that can be played on PCs and mobile devices like iOS, Android, PlayStation, and macOS. You can play many different games on this website. Here, you’ll find the excitement and satisfaction you’re looking for. Roblox is a popular online game that people of all ages like to play. 

We’re sure that Roblox has the game you’re looking for, no matter what it is. Being a part of Roblox’s large design community is like a dream come true. You can get a lot of things for free or at a lower price with Robux. After a few games, the number of possible outcomes seems to grow. It makes sense that Roblox has so many different kinds of games. Roblox is an online program for playing games. It has a huge number of minigames, which are then put into different groups. One of these Roblox categories is the scented cons games, which used to be called Condo games.

Roblox Condo games are made for older people, mostly those over 18 and in some states over 21. But Roblox will not allow them in the future because they want to protect their active player base. If it’s hard for you to find Roblox Condo games after the ban, here’s a guide that will help.

What is Roblox Condos?

When you first sign in to the Roblox platform, you’ll be shown some games that are fun to play. From action, racing, fighting, and all sorts of other things. Now, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find games with strange names that, when turned on, show na**d characters having s*x and doing other bad things.

People often call these kinds of games “Roblox Condo Games,” and the worst part is that people who play them often use bad language and really hateful speech to talk to other players.

What is a Roblox Condo Games?

Roblox Condo Games are games with naked characters, simulated sex, and role-playing with other people. The Roblox moderators delete these games as soon as they find them.

People also call these condo games the “dark side of Roblox” because you don’t know who you’re playing with. It could be an adult pretending to be a child or trying to get kids to private chat with them for bad reasons.

Roblox Game Animations

The animations in Roblox Condo Games are terrible, especially on mobile. You can’t change how the controls work, which makes the game hard to play on older devices and slow. Also, the D-pad and dynamic thumbstick move in a way that is awkward and not very responsive. Roblox Condo Games also have bad graphics. It’s too bad that best Roblox doesn’t know how to make the controls more responsive and accurate. Because of this, people often get upset with the game and disappointed with how bad it is.

How to Find Roblox Condo Games?

Here’s a list of the different ways to find Roblox Condo games in 2022:

The easiest way to find Condo games is to type “Condo” or “Roblox Condo Games” without the quotes in the search bar on the official Roblox website. When you hit enter on your keyboard, the website will show you a long list of adult Roblox games.

You can also type “Sent Cons” without the quotes into the same search bar on Roblox’s official website. You’ll get fewer results this time than you did the last time, but it’s still a good way to find Roblox Condo Games.

Lastly, if you look for the Roblox Condo games servers on Discord, you can get a huge number of adult games.

  • If you haven’t already, make a new account on Discord.
  • Use the search bar to look for “Roblox Codes.”
  • Choose any server from the list to join.
  • Find the link to your Roblox account on the server.
  • Click on it and hit the Play button in your browser or mobile app to load the game.

How to Find Roblox Condo Games Without Discord?

Without Discord, there are a few ways to find Roblox condo games. The Games tab on the Roblox website is one way to do this. Under the “Featured” tab, you can see a list of all the most popular Roblox games. If you click on any of these games, you’ll be taken to their game page, where you can join the game if it’s being played right now or read about the game if it’s not being played right now.

You can also use the Search bar at the top of the Roblox website to find Roblox Condo Games without using Discord. To see a list of all our condo games, just type “condo” and press Enter. You can also narrow your search down.

Top 30 Roblox Condo Games Alternatives

Here are some examples of Roblox Condo Games that will help you figure out what kind of names are used in Roblox Condo Games.

  1. Obby Games
  2. welcome only
  3. Shedletsky’s Dirty Place
  4. Family FUN rp!!
  5. sakasuforbestmod’s Place
  6. Dance Club
  7. Survive the killers
  8. Shower Simulator
  9. Fashion Famous
  10. All Star Tower Defense
  11. Haunted Hunters
  12. Loomian Legacy
  13. Royale High
  14. Amongst Us
  15. Club Iris 
  16. All Star Tower Defense
  17. Wacky Wizards
  18. Swordburst 2
  19. Mirror Muse
  20. Theme Park Tycoon 2

Best Roblox Condo Games with Details in 2023

Roblox Condo Games is really one of a kind. Players can not only play fun games on it, but they can also go to virtual worlds made by well-known brands like Nike or Gucci. So, the people who are making the platform are working very hard to make it safe for children. But some users still make games that aren’t good for kids younger than 16 years old.

Obby Games

One of the Roblox Condo Games for kids on Roblox is called “Oby games” There are a lot of things for kids to do. When they’re done, they’ll move from one map to the next. Gamers can’t go anywhere else until they’ve finished all of the tasks.

After you finish each level in the game. On each page, some strange toys will be shown. To do the next things, you will have to beat up a lot of monsters and scary toys.

Shedletsky’s dirty Place

Shedletsky tries to play bad games with the children in this house who use the database. The game is aimed at kids over the age of 13, but there is a lot of content for adults. When the kids come to this house to play, they have terrible dreams. Even if you don’t know what’s going on in this house, it will have a big impact on your life in the future.

When kids go inside the house to play this game, they have horrible dreams. They don’t know it, but it has a negative effect on their grades right away. Also, if you need Roblox Robux, Z2U is a good place to go.

Dance Club

The Roblox Condo Games is not for kids under 16 because it has a lot of pornographic content. If you like to play “Roblox” games for adults, this game is for you. If you are a child, you can skip this article. Only because it has some bad moves is the only reason we don’t want kids to play Roblox. If you play this game, you’ll see a lot of people in both hot action scenes and sexual ones.

Survive the Killers

Even though there wasn’t anything sexual or seductive in this Roblox game, it has a lot of violent content that kids shouldn’t watch. The game will give players weapons that they can use to kill other players.

We all know that it’s common in video games to kill your opponents, but the bad animation in this Roblox game makes it hard for kids to play. In this game, there is a serial killer who wants to kill a child. When he finds the child in the game, he kills him very badly.

Shower Simulator

In this game, players, whether they are men or women, can all take a bath together. When the participants went into the shower, they were wearing swimsuits, which aren’t interesting for kids to look at. This is not the only part of this game, though. There are also some intimate and erotic conversations and moments between players.

Haunted Hunters

In this shooter, five people must work together to find and kill a scary ghost before it kills them all at once. This seems to be one of the scary new games we’ve found on Roblox.

To get rid of ghosts, don’t forget to give your laser weapons energy. When they get close, they take your soul like a dementor from a Harry Potter movie in order to get their strength back. When the roles are switched around, it’s a lot more fun. Also, as the ghost, you get to play against everyone else.

Royale High

If you like playing dress-up or make-up games, you might enjoy Royale High. I am totally hooked on one of those really sexist Princess games. The main idea is pretty easy to understand. Since you are a princess, you go to a school just for princesses. You just pick a cool outfit and roleplay name, wave your magic wand, and you’ll be transported to Royale High.

Loomian Legacy

Loomian Legacy, Roblox condo games 2022 that adapts the famous Pokemon formula: befriend, catch, and battle with imaginary Loomian creatures to discover more about them, will bring back memorable memories for adults. But this game goes above and beyond by making a whole new world and making monsters that aren’t found anywhere else. This game is on one of the lists of fun Roblox condo games.

Club Iris 

This is a game where players can dance and sing for other players to get Robux. Many players in the game use swearing. Also, Club Iris has a lot of stuff for adults.

All-Star Tower Defense

People who like anime a lot will definitely like the Roblox Condo Games. The game had a lot of different characters that players could choose from. All-Stars Tower Defense is a fun game that brings together the tower defense and anime genres. With hundreds of famous characters to unlock, like Broly and Midoriya and a lot of free code added to the daily animation, ASTD creates a cycle that keeps gamers coming back every day.

The main job of the players is to kill the enemies who attack the tower. Players can train their warriors to give them new skills that can be useful during battles.

Roblox Condo Games Discord Server Link

Here is the link to Roblox Condo Games Discord Server Link.


Roblox Condo Games Link 2023

  • robloxcondos178. 566. …
  • robloxcondogames35. 112. …
  • roxer.roblox. 2283. …
  • exptqr. 5657. …
  • osohubqq. Roblox Condo Discord Server LINK IN COMMENTS! # …
  • the_sweetesttpie. 12.7K. …
  • roblox_condofinder. 164.
  • condohubofficial. 343. …

How to Protect Your Kids from Roblox Condo Games?

To protect your kid from accessing such games make sure to do the following :

  • Changing Privacy Settings in Roblox: Click on “Account Settings,” then “Privacy,” and Change the settings for the contacts
  • Block Users and report them to Roblox: You can tell the Roblox moderation team if someone is bullying or bothering your child in chat.
  • monitor your child’s account activity by looking at the games they’ve played recently. You can also look at their chat history and who they are Friends with and Followers of.
  • Enable Account Restrictions This means that you can only play games that are on a list that Roblox has already checked.
  • Enable parent PIN: With this feature, you can prevent changes to your account email, password, and privacy settings.

What can Parents do to Keep Kids Safe While Playing Roblox?

It’s important to remember that there’s no place on the internet that’s completely safe for kids. The best ways to keep your kids safe are to talk to them openly and often use the internet with them. Yes, it would be nice if our kids could hang out online without us having to watch them. But as with anything online, there is a risk that you might see or hear something that isn’t appropriate, or that you might talk to an adult you don’t know.

Kids should always know that they shouldn’t give out any personal information to people they meet online, and if they want to share something, they should ask you first.

No place on the internet is ever 100 percent safe for kids. This is true for the whole internet. The best thing we can do is watch our kids when they play online and keep talking to them about how to stay safe online.


We have tried to get all of the “Roblox Condo Games 2023” together and make them available. You should know that most Roblox Condo Games have age limits. So, kids shouldn’t be able to get to it. And the account of any person under the age of 18 who uses it will be locked. I know it won’t be fun for you to have your count cut down.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Roblox Condo Games

Are There Any Roblox Condo Games?

Over time, the names of these explicit minigames on Roblox have changed. It used to be called condo games, but now it’s called scented cons games. In short, these are made for a more mature audience and most of the time have content that isn’t suitable for kids.

Are These Games Safe to Play?

Yes, they are safe to play, and you don’t need an altar to do so. But if you’re a little worried, you should make an alt.

How do You Play Roblox Condo Games in 2023?

As you might have guessed, the first way is to type “Condo” without quotes into the search bar on Roblox’s official website. This will bring up a list of games that are related to the word you searched.

What are Roblox Condo games called now?

It used to be called condo games, but now it’s called scented cons games. In short, these are made for people of a more mature age and most of the time have explicit content.

What does condo mean in America?

A condo, also called a condominium, is a housing complex with separate units, each of which is owned by a different person. When someone rents a condo, they rent from the condo owner directly.

What was the first game on Roblox?

Rocket Arena was the first game ever made on Roblox. It was made by Roblox, and a few years ago, the word “Classic” was added to the name, making it Classic: Rocket Arena. The game came out as early as January 2006, and it was still fun to play for almost a decade after that.

Are There Still Condo Games on the Roblox Platform?

Yes, these explicit minigames on the Roblox platform have had different names over the years. First, it was called condo games, but now on Roblox items, these games are called scented cons games.

Why do people make Condo games on Roblox?

Condo games are sexually explicit games that can be played on Roblox without being censored. Roblox is meant to be safe for kids, so these games don’t work. Roblox has filters to keep inappropriate content from getting on the site, but sometimes people find ways to get around them.

Is it ok for adults to play Roblox?

As Roblox is a game for people of all ages, it has some safety features to make sure everyone has a fun and safe time.

Do Roblox Condo games still exist?

It used to be called condo games, but now it’s called scented cons games. In short, these are made for people of a more mature age and most of the time have explicit content.


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