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Amazing Ebooks That You Can Read to Learn Cryptocurrency

Amazing Ebooks that you can read to learn cryptocurrency

If you’re interested in learning cryptocurrency, there are some amazing ebooks you can read to understand the industry better. For this purpose, some of the most popular books include Vigna and Casey’s The Blockchain Developer, The Book of Satoshi, and The Bitcoin Standard. But which of these books should you get? We’ve listed the best ones below. You can choose from them based on your interest. Also, you can visit to get detailed information about Bitcoin.

Vigna and Casey’s book

You can’t possibly know everything about cryptocurrency. Still, Vigna and Casey’s book will teach you about the basics of this revolutionary currency. As a Wall Street Journal reporter, Vigna has spent years researching and reporting about the emerging digital money. 

The book explores the history, mechanics, and personalities of bitcoin users. It also delves into recent developments and the future of this new currency. As a bonus, you’ll be able to purchase this book at a bargain price and enjoy the experience.

The authors provide an excellent overview of the history of Bitcoin and how it has developed into one of the most popular digital assets. They also discuss when it is a good time to invest and navigate inevitable bubbles. 

They even discuss the future of crypto and how it will affect your retirement portfolio. Vigna and Casey’s book to learn cryptocurrency contains many useful resources for beginners and experienced investors alike. In particular, the authors’ book on Bitcoin has a wealth of information for those looking to get started with cryptocurrencies.

The Blockchain Developer

This is an excellent ebook for anyone who wants to know more about the blockchain and Bitcoin without spending a lot of money. The book is written by Silicon Valley luminaries who offer a balanced, comprehensive look at the various aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

The authors include Neel Mehta, a Google Product Manager, and the Civic Digital Fellowship founder. Aditya Agashe, a Microsoft Program Manager and founder of Belle Applications, has experience optimizing software platforms for businesses, and Parth Detroja, a Facebook Product Manager.

Written for developers, The Blockchain Developer offers extensive information about blockchain technology and its development. The book covers the basic concepts of decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts. 

It also includes specialized sections on Ethereum and Bitcoin and the various decentralized projects and databases built on top of the blockchain. In addition, it includes a section that discusses the use of blockchain technology outside of cryptocurrency.

The Book of Satoshi

The Book of Satoshi is a great way to learn about digital currencies. It teaches you how to trade bitcoins and explains how distributed ledger technology works. It also teaches you how to minimize your risks, so you can speculate on altcoins and maximize your upside potential. 

The author explains how to make money from cryptocurrency using a three-step process involving research, accumulation, and distribution. The book also explains the terminology through analogies and pictures.

The Book of Satoshi features many of the most important writings of Satoshi Nakamoto, the person who invented the cryptocurrency. This includes the original concept of Bitcoin, the development of the protocol, and emails sent by Satoshi. In chronological order, the book helps you learn about Bitcoin. There are many fascinating pieces of information in this book, and they can help you understand how it works.

The Bitcoin Standard

The Bitcoin Standard is the first Book on Cryptocurrency By Saifedean Ammous and is an entertaining, well-written introduction to the cryptocurrency world. It combines Austrian kindergarten economics with anarcho-capitalist ideology. 

The book is written in a folksy morality play, praising thrift and self-denial as the key to prosperity. In essence, it’s the 21st century equivalent of The Richest Man in Babylon. Unfortunately, it lacks a serious point of view. Ammous’s vitriol isn’t necessarily a compliment to the cryptocurrency community.

Final Words

In this post, we have told you about amazing ebooks that can help you learn cryptocurrency. These books explain all the important things about crypto. In addition, they also explain how to reduce the risk of crypto trading. They write these books, especially for crypto.

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