Benefits of Staying in a PG accommodation

The hospitality industry is quick to change according to the latest trends. From dorms, and hostels to luxury resorts, the industry knows how to cater to different needs. The people associated with the hospitality sector have something to offer for people of every lifestyle and budget.

Bachelors and students have been known to stay in hostels and PG accommodation for ages. However, in recent years, coliving has become one of the latest trends in the hospitality industry. Bengaluru is the hub of the education and Tech industry and thus attracts many youngsters who come to study or have just started their careers. Staying as a paying guest in Hebbal is very common. However, many people prefer the sense of community and human-to-human bond that is possible in coliving spaces. This popularity has paved the way for people to offer services at affordable prices. There are many PG accommodations available for women only, that are safe and convenient. Here are some major benefits of living in a PG accommodation.

  • Comfortable – As compared to rental apartments and flats, PGs are quite comfortable due to many factors. They are fully furnished and the room has all the necessary arrangements that you might need. If you take an apartment for rent, you have to buy all essential gadgets such as a TV, refrigerator, cooler, AC, and many other things. However, a PG accommodation already has all these and maybe even more. The rooms are furnished with the required furniture and are ready to be used the moment you arrive.
  • Affordable – The rents are usually exorbitant in metropolitan cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. Students generally cannot afford to pay high rents and are more comfortable in shared accommodation. PGs are an affordable option for college students even after including the cost of food and basic amenities.
  • Networking – Staying alone in a rented house may seem lonely at times. Shared accommodation as in co-living spaces or PGs offers a chance to mingle with like-minded people and form networks that prove useful in the future. It has been observed that PGs are preferred by most of the people who have come to the city to seek a good job or have just started working or college-going Human-to-human connections are very important at this stage of life and shared accommodation is a great way of beginning.
  • Easy Availability – PGs are available in every nook and corner of big cities. It follows the basic rule of demand and supply. As more and more people come to metro cities for seeking a job or pursuing higher education, people see a business opportunity and make the most of the situation by renting out an extra room to such people. Besides, it is not that easy to find a good rented property in a good location that fits your budget as well. It may take months to find a flat to rent but PGs are easily available everywhere. 
  • Amenities – PG’s offer all the world-class amenities that are required to lead a comfortable life. These include washing machines, TV, fridge, AC, and, above all, wi-fi has become a necessity in today’s world. Everyone needs a strong wi-fi connection to go about their work. With more and more people working online, this goes without saying that normal working is not possible without a strong wi-fi connection.
  • Safety and Security – This is the first and foremost priority of anyone looking for a place to stay. PG accommodations are usually very safe as the families are already living there. Moreover, the places have CCTVs installed everywhere for additional security. Guards are present round the clock and ensure that no unwanted person enters the premises. PG for girls-only accommodation is usually preferred by girls and working women. No one is allowed to enter the PG accommodation without prior permission which is good from a safety point of view. There are other PGs that are unisex and cater to all working professionals’ food – Food is the basic necessity for a person staying away from the family. Staying in a PG with food ensures that you would get three meals a day without fail. It doesn’t matter if you have ready cash or not at any particular time as the cost of the food is already included in the monthly rent. You know that you would get a proper meal before going to work and coming back after a long and tiring day. The food may not have the same taste as your home but it will satisfy your hunger. And who knows! It may taste even better. There is no hassle of bringing in groceries and cooking every day. Moreover, the cleaning up that has to be done afterward is even more time-consuming and is best avoided.
  • Emergencies – Staying in a PG ensures that you have someone to take care of you in emergencies. You never know when you might need help and the family you’re staying with is right beside you in such situations. They can be of help in case of any medical emergency too. Moreover, your family is also relaxed to know that there is someone whom they can contact if required. 
  • Repair and Maintenance – Repair and maintenance are one of the biggest headaches when you are staying alone. There may be end number of things that could go wrong from electricity to plumbing and whatnot. If you are staying in a PG accommodation, you just have to inform the concerned person and your problem will be resolved within no time. However, if you are staying in a rented apartment, you will have to look for a plumber or an electrician and probably will have to take a leave from work to get the problem resolved. The daily cleaning services are also taken care of in a PG accommodation and you don’t need to worry about the same. Isn’t it amazing? You can focus on all-important work while the day-to-day problems are taken care of automatically.

Conclusion – 

As is evident, there are many advantages of living in a PG accommodation in Hebbal and other places. The benefits of a  PG working people cannot be ignored.


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