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Preparation for 2024: Apple Is Running Tests on an M3 Pro Chip for the MacBook Pro

Apple has been using its own hardware instead of Intel chips for a while now. This means that Apple Silicon chips are about to get more powerful and more developed, and the M3 family of chips will be the start of this.

We don’t know much about the M3 chips yet, but we do know a few things about the M3 Pro.

Mark Gurman said in his most recent Power On newsletter that Apple is trying a MacBook Pro with an M3 Pro processor right now. This version seems to be a lot stronger than the M2 Pro that comes with current MacBook Pro models.

M3 Pro Debuting in the MacBook Pro in 2024

According to Gurman, Apple is presently testing a version of the M3, with information obtained from an App Store developer. According to the specifications, the version appears to be the M3 Pro’s base model, as it is being tested in a high-end MacBook Pro running macOS 14.0, which has yet to be published.

  • Gurman noted the specifications of this M3 Pro chip,
  • “M3 Pro (in testing):
  • 12 CPU cores (six high-performance cores/six power-efficient cores)
  • 18 graphics cores
  • 36GB of memory

If the chip being tested is the base-level M3 Pro, then the jump from the M2 Pro to the M3 Pro would be about the same as the jump from the M1 Pro to the M2 Pro. It would have two more graphics cores and two more CPU cores that use less power. In this case, the most expensive option is also getting 4GB more memory.

The math behind the number of cores seems to make sense. The number of cores would be possible because Apple will use a 3nm process for the M3 chips. Gurman says this version of the M3 will probably come out next year since he thinks the M3 will come out at the end of 2023 or at the beginning of 2024. After being updated in early 2023, Apple’s best MacBook Pro now uses chips from the M2 family.



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