Advantages of a Virtual Event Platform

The world of modern business is changing. Work is becoming more spread out and the growth of telework has led to companies changing how they do business and what the modern office is. One of the aspects that have made this shift from in-person to remote work possible is the growth and accessibility of technology. Faster internet connections, stronger laptops, better webcams, and VPNs are just some tools making remote work possible. However, despite this shift to a more spread-out workforce, meetings and events are still an important part of many businesses. A virtual event platform can help your company schedule important meetings, events, get-togethers, and more without the need to have your workforce in the same location. Virtual event platforms offer many advantages to modern companies, including the following.

Six Benefits of a Virtual Event Platform

  1. A Wide Reach: if teleworking has become more widespread at your company, a virtual event platform can be a key part of continuing regular work events even with these workplace location changes. With a virtual event, you don’t have to worry about location, commuting, or parking. All your employees need is the proper equipment. In addition, if you have an international or multi-state workforce a virtual event allows you to bring your entire team together at once.
  2. Save Your Company Money: depending on the size of your event, if you were to hold it in person you would need to rent an outside location such as a ballroom, hall, or hotel. In addition to renting a location, you will likely encounter other costs for event employees (such as ushers) and amenities (such as food). With a virtual gathering, these many expenses are not present which can save your company a good deal of operating expenses.   
  3. No Attendance Limits: a common issue with traditional venues is there is only so much room for guests. With a virtual event, there is no limit to the attendees, and you don’t have to worry about having enough room or accounting for travel needs or parking.
  4. Registration is Easier: with your event being entirely online it becomes much easier to register for and to track attendance. This means you can easily have your employees registered for an event without having to track physical tickets or deal with problems at the door during the event. Also, once registered, it’s very easy to email out the proper link and contact information, so everyone can attend.
  5. Easier Set-Up: when setting up a traditional event there is a lot of work involved. Including procuring a location, setting up the location, finding speakers, planning the event, floor layouts, and more. A virtual event is far easier to set up allowing you more time and resources to use on guest speakers and organizing the content of the event.
  6. Networking Is Easier: finally, virtual gatherings make it far easier to network. Getting someone’s contact information is such a click away. With in-person events, larger gatherings can be overwhelming, and many guests will keep to their friends or workgroup due to familiarity. In a virtual event, you don’t have to mingle with guests, and you have time to prepare responses, which greatly reduces the stress in-person gatherings can bring.

Final Thoughts

In any business, you need the right tools, equipment, and software for the job. A virtual event platform can serve a variety of uses for monthly meetings, yearly events, and other corporate gatherings. This is quite useful if remote work has become a permanent part of your workforce operations and your workforce has spread out. With an event platform, your company can continue holding its events despite changes to workplace locations.


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