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Russia will Enforce Rouble Payments for Gas from Friday

Gas Burning in the Burner of Gas Oven

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he had signed a regulation requiring international customers of Russian gas to pay in roubles beginning April 1 and that contracts would be terminated if these payments were not made. “They must create rouble accounts in Russian banks in order to purchase Russian natural gas.” Payments for gas deliveries […]

Best Hormone-balancing Foods

Hormone balancing Foods

Your diet is the primary factor for hormone balance (or disbalance) in your body. Hormones control digestion, metabolism, and libido. They are responsible for our mood and energy. Discover seven foods that will help you prevent breakouts, bloating, and other consequences of hormone havoc. 1. Sweet Potatoes, Quinoa, And Brown Rice For your diet to […]

Top 10 Spiritual Documentaries To Watch For Personal Growth

Spiritual Documentaries

There are many films out there that claim to be “spiritual.” But, what makes a spiritual documentary? In order to be genuinely considered a spiritual documentary, the film must inspire, educate and enlighten viewers about something essential to leading a more fulfilling life. From intimate looks at religious traditions and ceremonies to explorations of our […]

Advantages of a Virtual Event Platform

Virtual Event Platform

The world of modern business is changing. Work is becoming more spread out and the growth of telework has led to companies changing how they do business and what the modern office is. One of the aspects that have made this shift from in-person to remote work possible is the growth and accessibility of technology. Faster […]

Building a New Small Business Model Based on Crypto in 2022

Investing in Cryptocurrency

There’s no arguing that the way you conduct business in 2022 is different from the way we did in the pre-COVID-19 Pandemic years. Today’s small businesses are not only trying to stay afloat amidst supply chain issues and skyrocketing inflation, they are adopting the hybrid model of part stay-at-home word, and part on-site work. Some […]

How Do I File a Medical Malpractice Claim?

Medical Malpractice Claim

While medical negligence or personal injury claims are now well-known parts of the lexicon in the UK, a great deal of confusion remains around medical malpractice. While many of these terms are often used interchangeably, of course, there’s a significant difference between medical negligence and malpractice. While the former refers to individual and accidental errors […]

‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel Series ‘House of the Dragon’ to Debut in August

Game of thrones

The wait for the much-anticipated prequel is almost over: HBO has set a premiere date for George R.R. Martin, Ryan Condal, and Miguel Sapochnik’s Game of Thrones prequel. It will debut on August 21. Paddy Considine, Olivia Cooke, Matt Smith, Emma D’Arcy, and Fabien Frankel feature in House of the Dragon. Rhys Ifans, Steve Toussaint, […]

Will Smith Refused to Leave Oscars Ceremony after Slap

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced on Wednesday that Will Smith had been asked to leave the Oscars ceremony after slapping Chris Rock onstage on Sunday night, but that he refused. “Things transpired in a way we could not have predicted,” the school said in a statement announcing that Mr. Smith would […]

How to Rewrite Sentences Without Changing the Meaning?

rewrite sentences

Rewriting sentences is a common editing technique that can be applied to anything from copywriting to novels. Rewriting sentences can be tricky. You want to make sure that your sentences are easy to read and understand, but you also want them to sound natural. This article will give you some tips on how to rewrite […]

IELTS Online Training Benefits

IELTS Online Training

Learning played a pivotal role in keeping education alive in these trying times. While online learning is not a new concept, it’s critical to remember that it only became popular after the epidemic. When it comes to studying for examinations like the IELTS, students often face the dilemma of whether to enroll in online classes […]

Sri Lanka Faces 13-Hour Blackouts, Hospitals Suspend Routine Surgeries

Sri Lanka faces-10 hour power cuts

As the cash-strapped island’s economic crisis deteriorated, Sri Lanka declared national 13-hour daily power cuts starting Thursday, and additional hospitals canceled regular surgeries after running out of life-saving drugs. The 22-million-strong South Asian nation is experiencing its worst economic downturn since gaining independence in 1948, owing to a severe scarcity of foreign currency to pay […]

WHO Warns of Virulent COVID-19 Variant Risk


World Health Organization outlined three probable scenarios for the Covid-19 pandemic in 2022, with a new, more virulent strain being the worst-case scenario. According to the WHO, the most likely path forward is for the virus’s severity of disease to decline over time as public immunity grows. However, a more hazardous type of worry than […]