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What Does a 3D Artist Do?

A 3D artist is a professional who works in media production. He uses illustrations and other specialized computer software to create animations and computer graphics. The artist is also responsible for creating three-dimensional creations like visual effects and models useful in creative projects like advertising, films, and video games.

By utilizing computer software and drawing techniques, a 3D artist can create special effects that match specific briefs. Creating graphics and animations is made possible through editing software and computer programs.

Most 3D artists sometimes work closely with a team of animators and other artists to collaborate on projects like visual effects, movies, films, and video games.

To create animations and storyboards that can map out what a scene is expected to look like, a 3D artist will keep on researching all the upcoming projects. A 3D artist’s main objective is to conceptualize ideas and other processes that help them develop the best plan for the project.

A 3D artist will revise and make necessary adjustments that will normally fit their criteria and specifications after receiving feedback from team members. He or she will meet up with all the team members, clients, directors, and designers to review the project and come up with new deadlines.

If you want to become a specialized 3D artist, you need a bachelor’s degree in computer graphics and other relevant portfolios.

What it takes to be a successful 3D artist 

Most companies are always looking for the most creative individuals to join their teams for upcoming projects. In most cases, the responsibilities of a 3D artist will include creating moving and still images by using computer programs and software, coming up with 3D models of products, and managing multiple projects under strict deadlines.

If you want to be a successful 3D artist, you want to be more interested in details. Have an eagle eye to spot all the important details in every project you handle. Being more flexible makes you an important team player. Top 3D illustrators are creative and more artistic with full knowledge of their work. 

You should be more knowledgeable about color schemes, texture, light, and other features that make it easy to create unique projects. It should be easy choosing an industry software that you can use in all your projects. Other qualities you need to become a successful 3D artist include:

– A bachelor’s degree in graphic design or other related disciplines 

– A portfolio of your previous work and projects 

– A working knowledge of some industry-standard software like SketchUp, V-Ray, and 3Ds Max

– Time management and communication skills 

– An eye for texture, color, composition, and lighting

3D artist job description 

When you become a 3D artist, your work will include the following:

– Understanding what the project at hand requires of you and conceptualizing the creative ideas that make the project unique.

– Collaborate with artists and animators to discuss what the ongoing projects require. 

– Using 3D modeling, mapping, texture, and other useful techniques to create visual effects, animations, and graphics.

– Create storyboards that can visualize the scenes in a video game and develop a more realistic environment for a movie, game, and other visual effects.

– Receiving the feedback from designers, clients, and directors, then editing illustrations or creations based on the comments.

– Reviewing 3D art and recommending improvements.

– Troubleshooting and coming up with solutions to any 3D illustration project. 

– Meeting up with directors and designers to discuss the specifications of a project and revise the deadline accordingly.

Final Thoughts 

Being willing to remain up to date with the latest creative hardware and software is one attribute you will need to succeed as a 3D artistIf you want to become a 3D artist, these are some factors you want to consider most.

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