What is Rehab?

Rehab is what you take as a first start towards a life of sobriety. It is the health professional who decides which kind of drug treatment is best suited for each individual. There are many types of treatment methods, and lengths of stay also are variable for each case.

What Does Rehab Do? 

Ideally, one can use rehab as a tool to get rid of drug addiction and/or alcohol use. Individuals who go to a rehabilitation center use it to treat their addiction to almost any drug whether it be cocaine, meth, opium, or even heroin. The ones who are addicted to alcohol use are treated specially in a medically safe environment to detox them from the mental and physical damages that are caused by alcohol use.

So, finally, we can conclude that rehabs are used to detoxify one’s brain and body of addictive drugs as well as alcohol use. In current times, rehabs are also used to treat individuals who are suffering from mental health disorders 

How many Types of Rehab?

Commonly, there are two types of rehabs. One is inpatient treatment and the other is outpatient treatment.

            Inpatient Rehab 

            Inpatient rehab centers, often known as residential treatment programmers, include accommodation for the duration of the rehab program. Inpatient rehabs can include exquisite accommodations, such as comfy rooms, chef-prepared food, and frequently a tranquil or natural atmosphere favorable to healing and recovery, depending on the facility.

            Outpatient Rehab 

            Outpatient rehabilitation or recovery programs offer therapy while people can maintain their family and work responsibilities. Depending on the person, outpatient rehab may involve partial hospitalization for medical detox as well as different levels of counseling and treatments.

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Difference between Rehab and Mental Health Treatment? 

It’s vital for caretakers and family members to learn about the various treatment alternatives available for their dear ones. With so many programs offered to the general public, the reality is that you get what you pay for in the end. Families who have a loved one who is going through a hard time want the greatest care at a fair cost. This is why you should consider and evaluate all therapy alternatives before deciding on a service.


Inpatient treatment or Rehab is the most intense type of treatment, with 24-hour care provided in a separate section of a medical facility or hospital. This therapeutic approach is suitable for people who have serious psychological distress and require constant monitoring for their own safety and well-being. Inpatient treatment’s major purpose is to stabilize symptoms while devising a long-term treatment plan so that the individual can get the help he or she needs in a less rigorous environment. The majority of inpatient treatment programs are brief, lasting anything from a few days maybe a week.

Treatment for Mental Health

Rehab is followed by treatment for mental health. While both residential and inpatient therapy (also known as Rehab) includes discipline and some monitoring, the main distinction between the two is the environment in which it is conducted.  Rehab normally takes place in a treatment center or hospital, whereas residential treatment for mental health takes place in a more homelike setting.

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