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What is Ops in Baseball? – A Comprehensive Guide with Statistics in 2023

What is Ops in Baseball

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Do you know what is Ops in baseball? Baseball Reference says that the number of people watching Major League Baseball has been going down since 2007 when it was at its highest. Bleacher Report says that some of the most exciting parts of the game. 

Like base-stealing happens less often now because of “organic changes.”The number of strikes has also gone up.

Goose Gossage, a Hall of Fame reliever, said in a 2018 Bleacher Report article, “I try to watch a baseball game, but it’s hard for me to do so today.” Baseball also has a lot of statistical terms that may be hard for first-time viewers to understand.

In baseball, OPS is one of many statistics that players and fans use to judge a player’s performance. But what is Ops in baseball, and why is it so important?

What is Ops in Baseball?

An OPS is a sabermetric baseball statistic that combines a batter’s on-base and slugging percentages. The goal of the state is to figure out how well a player gets on base safely and hits for power.

The original name for the OPS was “production,” which meant that it showed how well a batter could score runs. If a player’s OPS is.800 or higher in the major leagues, that means he or she hits better than average.

On-Base Plus Slugging?

On-base plus slugging, or OPS is a baseball game stat that combines on-base percentage (OBP) and slugging percentage. OPS is a popular stat that major league players and teams use more often than the batting average to figure out how well a batter does at the plate.

The OPS shows how much a batter helps his team score runs by looking at how often he gets on base safely and how many extra-base hits he gets. To score runs in baseball, you need to get on base without getting out and hitting for power.

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What about OPS+?

On-base plus slugging plus, or OPS+, is a player’s on-base plus the slugging percentage that takes into account his stadium and league. An OPS+ of 75 or less is not good, while a score of 125 is excellent. With an OPS+ of 150 or more, the player is doing very well. With a 206 OPS+, Babe Ruth has the best OPS+ of all time.

Highest Single Season OPS?

Barry Bonds’ On-base Plus Slugging score of 1.422 in 2004 is the highest ever for a single season. He also set a record for MLB with an on-base percentage of.609 and a slugging mark of.812.

What Is The Difference Between Ops And Ops+?

I’ve already told you that the OPS is the On Base Percentage plus the Slugging Percentage. It doesn’t take into account other players or where the game is played.

OPS+ is a comparative statistic, which means that the value is changed so that 100 is the median value. So, if a person’s OPS+ is 99, it means that his adjusted OPS is 1% below average, and if it is 101, it means that it is 1% above average.

When figuring out a player’s OPS+, league, and park effects are taken into account to normalize a player’s production.

Basically, it looks at how well a player did compare to everyone else in the league and how well he did compare to everyone else who batted in the same park.

Since everything is compared to the league average, which is set to 100, OPS+ works a little differently than OPS.

David Ortiz had an OPS+ of 164 in 2016. This means that he hit better than the average batter by more than 64% if he had played in the same park and league.

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What is a Good OPS in Baseball?

Major League Baseball fans sometimes find it hard to understand how OPS works. What does it say about how things look on a plate? How good are the ballparks where they hit during the season? How many bases they’ve reached?

Set the standard first so you can get a good idea of what a good OPS is. Here are some of MLB history’s best OPS:

  • With an OPS of 1.1636, Babe Ruth, who mostly played for the New York Yankees, is the best player of all time.
  • With a career average of around 1.000, Mike Trout is one of the best OPS players of all time who is still playing.
  • As of 2020, Barry Bonds is fourth on the list, with an OPS of about 1.05
  • Lou Gehrig is third with an OPS of 1.07, and Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox is the only player besides Babe Ruth to have a career OPS of 1.1 or higher. This is for players who have had at least 3,000 times at bat.

Of course, that’s only one end of the range. What about the average of the team? If you look at the statistics for MLB, you can see that the average for on-base plus slugging is usually between 0.700 and 0.800.

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How is OPS Calculated in Baseball?

On-base plus slugging is just the player’s percentage of being on base plus his percentage of home runs. The formula is easy to write down:


If you want to write out the OPS formula with all of its parts, you can do so as follows:

OPS = AB(H + BB + HBP) + TB(AB + BB + SF + HBP) / AB(AB + BB + SF + HBP) C

How are OPS and OPS+ Calculated?

For OPS, it couldn’t be easier to figure out how much it is worth. To get a player’s OPS, add up their percentage of getting on base and their percentage of hitting home runs. So if a player’s on-base percentage is.350 and their slugging percentage is.450, their OPS is.800.

With OPS+, things are much more complicated because park and league adjustments are included. When you want to use this statistic, the best thing to do is look it up on Baseball-Reference.

Who has the Highest OPS in Baseball?

Baseball Almanac says that Babe Ruth has the best career OPS in baseball history. When he retired, he had an OPS of 1.164, which was the best of all time.

As of September 2022, Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels has the highest career OPS of any active MLB player, with a score of 1.002. Baseball Almanac also says that Trout has the eighth-best career OPS in baseball history.

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Who has the Best ops in Baseball of All Time?

With 1.1636 ops, Babe Ruth is the baseball player with the most hits ever. Ted Williams is right behind him with a total of 1.1155 for his career, and Lou Gehrig is next with a total of 1.0978. Barry Bonds, on the other hand, has the record for the most outs in a single season. In 2004, he had 1.4217 outs, which was more than he had in 2002 when he had 1.3807.

Criticisms of OPS

Some people say that OPS distorts a batter’s contribution to their team by giving extra-base hits too much weight while giving the on-base percentage too little weight.

OPS also thinks that the slugging percentage and on-base percentage are the same, even though the slugging percentage is measured on a scale of 4,000 points and the on-base percentage on a scale of 1,000 points.

Another problem with OPS is that plate appearances are used as a fractional denominator in the on-base percentage, but at-bats are used as a denominator in the slugging percentage. The result is two mixed fractions, which you can’t add together because they have different denominators.

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How does the MLB Detail What Ops are in Baseball?

“OPS combines on-base percentage and slugging percentage into a single number,” says the MLB. It’s supposed to show how well a batter can get on base, hit for average, and hit for power. It can also be used to judge pitchers. When it’s used this way, it’s called “OPS against.” It can be used to figure out how much a player contributes to his or her team.

What is SLG in Baseball?

SLG stands for “slugging percentage,” which is a term for how many bases a player gets in each at-bat.

The biggest difference between a slugging average and a batting average is that a slugging percentage doesn’t count every hit the same. For batting averages, you divide the number of hits by the number of at-bats. However, the formula for SLG is more complicated.

MLB’s glossary of baseball terms says that the formula for SLG is (1B + 2B x 2 + 3B x 3 + HR x 4) / AB.

Why is OPS a Good Start?

Many things make OPS a good place to start. Not only does OPS show if a batter is hitting hard, but it also shows how often a player makes it safely to second base. A high OPS usually means that a player isn’t getting a lot of singles but is getting more extra-base hits, which help his team score more runs.

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Are there Better Stats than OPS?

The better stats than OPS are Weighted On-base Average (wOBA) and Weighted Runs Created Plus (wRC+). wOBA is a number that takes into account how a player gets on base. It also tells how likely it is that a player will reach home plate after getting on base. The stat tries to show how much a batter adds to his team’s offense as a whole.

Weighted Runs Created Plus is a better way to figure out how well a batter does on offense than OPS. It is a hitting statistic that looks at everything a batter does at the plate and how many runs he or she makes. Most of the time, batters with a higher wRC+ have a higher slugging percentage, fewer strikeouts, and more walks.

The Role of Stats in Baseball?

Baseball stats continue to drive baseball decisions. This affects how decisions are made before the season starts and how the team is put together. It also affects how changes are made during the game to give the team the best chance of winning.

In the movie, Moneyball, On Base Percentage (OBP) and how important it is to not strike out are used a lot. The goal was to make a team that got on base a lot so that the defense was always under pressure. The idea is that over 162 games, if a team can keep getting runners on base, there will be enough pressure, and enough runs will be scored.

The use of sabermetrics in baseball keeps getting bigger. As general managers try to get the most out of the budgets that owners give them for how much they can spend on player salaries, they need to study the baseball game and figure out where they can get an edge over other teams.

In an ideal world, all teams could be like the Yankees and put together the “perfect” team, but some middle-market and small-market teams don’t have the money to do that.

This makes it very important to use analytics and find value in players who might not be at the top of most fans’ or teams’ lists of free agents. The best teams find ways to switch players between positions and maybe have someone who hits over.300 and has an OPS of.710 or higher on both of them.

When you add up the two salaries of these players, you’ll often find that they don’t even come close to what a star player in that position makes. This is the best use of analytics. Finding ways to make the most of the strengths of players with low salaries.

Importance of OPS in Baseball?

Before 2000, the National League (NL) and the American League (AL) were the two leagues that made up Major League Baseball (MLB) (AL). In 1920, both leagues were put under the control of the Commissioner of Professional Baseball, who oversaw the whole sport.

On-base plus slugging (OPS) is a statistic from a game that is used to look at the facts. This shows how well the batter gets on base and how much power he has when he hits the ball. This means that the OBP and slugging average are taken into account (SLG). When you add these two things together, you get OPS.

In Major League Baseball, the OPS is one of the main statistics used to measure how well a player hits. It is calculated by adding a player’s average on-base and average slugging.

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Do Sacrifice Flies Count in OPS?

Keep in mind that sacrifice flies and other special situations don’t count as at-bats, so they don’t have a big effect on either of these two statistics. You probably already know that OBP is a measure of the rate, and SLG is a measure of both rate and quality. When on-base percentage and slugging percentage are added together, the goal is to get a full picture of a player’s hitting ability.

What is the Highest OPS in Baseball History?

We’ve already shown you that Babe Ruth of the New York Yankees has the best OPS of all time. His 1.1636 OPS over that many at-bats may never be beaten, which could make him the best hitter of all time. But that’s just one way of looking at the numbers. Metrics like OPS should also be looked at the season by season, which helps show how much some players have improved in their best years.

  • Barry Bonds, 2004: 1.4217
  • Barry Bonds, 2002: 1.3807 
  • Babe Ruth, 1920: 1.3791
  • Barry Bonds, 2001: 1.3785
  • Babe Ruth, 1921: 1.3586
  • Babe Ruth, 1923: 1.3089

Then Ted Williams comes along with the seventh-best OPS season of all time. Rogers Hornsby is the fourth player on the list, but he doesn’t show up until the 13th spot.

What is Batting Average?

The batting average shows how well a player can hit the ball and get to first base. A batter’s batting average is found by dividing the number of hits he has by the number of times he has been up to bat. The stat can help you figure out how good a player is at the plate, but it doesn’t take into account walks, sacrifices, etc.

OPS vs. Batting Average?

Many people think that OPS is a good way to measure how good a batter is. Getting on base without making an out is a good way to help a team score runs. This is true no matter how the player gets on base, which is why the on-base percentage is often seen as a better way to measure a batter’s contributions to the team than the batting average, which is calculated by dividing the number of hits by the number of at-bats. For example, a batter’s batting average doesn’t take into account when he or she draws a walk.

With slugging percentage as a part of OPS, a batter’s ability to get hits, especially extra-base hits, is also taken into account. Most of the time, a double is more valuable to a team than a single, and the OPS formula takes this into account. The OPS formula gives the most weight to home runs because they are the most valuable type of hit.

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What are the Problems with OPS and OPS+?

The most obvious problem with OPS is that it gives the same weight to both base percentage and slugging percentage, which should not be the case. The OBP is much more important to getting runs than the slugging percentage, but in this calculation, the two are just added together without any weighting. This is one reason why the wOBA statistic was made. It gives each part the right amount of weight.


When you add up the on-base average and the slugging percentage, you can get a good idea of how well a player does offensively. But just like with any other baseball sabermetrics, it’s not always easy to measure everything without actually seeing it. One of the best ideas is to combine OPS with other metrics to get a complete picture of how well a baseball player is doing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about What is Ops in Baseball?

What does OPS mean in baseball?

Definition. OPS combines on-base percentage and slugging percentage into a single number. It’s supposed to show how well a batter can get on base, hit for average, and hit for power. It can also be used to judge how good a pitcher is. When it is used this way, it is called OPS against.

Why is OPS a useful stat?

It shows that a player can both get on base and hit for power, which is two important offensive skills. In Major League Baseball, a hitter is in the top tier if their OPS is.800 or higher. Most of the time, the league leader in OPS will score close to or above 1.000.

What is an average OPS in Baseball?

In baseball, the average OPS is thought to be between.7000 and.7666.

Do Sacrifice Flies Count in OPS?

Yes. Sacrifice flies are counted as plate appearances when figuring out how often a player gets on base.

Why is OPS better than the Batting Average?

Players with a higher OBP not only get on base more often, but they also get out less often. Extra bases are also not taken into account by batting average. The value of doubles, triples, and home runs is shown in SLG. Which batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage best predicts team runs?

Who has the Highest Career OPS?

With an OPS of 1.1636, Babe Ruth has the best OPS of all time.

What is a good OPS in college baseball?

In the major leagues of baseball, an OPS of.800 or higher means that the batter is having a better-than-average season at the plate. If a player’s OPS is.900 or higher, it means they are having an All-Star season. If their OPS is 1.000 or higher, it means they are having an MVP season.

Who has the Highest Single Season OPS?

Josh Gibson’s 1.4744 OPS in 1937 is the best OPS for a single season.

How do you calculate OPS?

The on-base percentage and the slugging percentage of a player are added together to get the OPS.

Who was the best MLB player for total bases?

Hank Aaron had 6,856 bases over the course of his career. Babe Ruth hit 457 home runs in 1921, which was the most in a season. With 450 total bases, Rogers Hornsby set a record for the National League the very next year that still stands. Many old-timers think that the number of total bases is a very important way to judge batters. (And a batter’s total bases are a big part of his or her OPS.)

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