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32 Weird laws in California that You didn’t Know Actually Existed

When we talk about the dictionary meaning of the word ‘laws’ in the strict sense, we mean rules that have been formulated and enforced to regulate our behavior in order to preserve peace, harmony and smooth functioning.

Laws are to be followed and are usually enforced by a body which may be the government, different institutions, and so forth. As good law-abiding citizens, we are expected to follow them, however, sometimes some laws are so ridiculous and absurd that they make us scratch our heads. They are literally beyond understanding. We begin to question their existence and often wonder if it really was necessary for them to exist at all.

Like everywhere else in the world, our land of milk and honey, the Golden sunshine state of California has its share of ridiculous laws too. Yes, you got that right, there certainly are weird laws in California. Some of these laws may not even be well known to the common man or even be enforced but believe me, California has plenty of strange laws. Not only this but know more different laws at TheLawAdvisory.

Many of these laws are still present in the book today dating back several years to a time that was alien and very different from the world today. An amusing list of weird laws in California, also known as the progressive Golden state and Land of milk and honey, that you did not know you might be breaking

Historically, the need was felt to make laws to prevent some specific actions that were being performed or to safeguard the people from a happening or injury or to safeguard people from trivial lawsuits. Whatever the circumstances, many laws were passed, and a lot of those old laws still remain in many cities of California, though most of these are not enforced.  The reason for their existence is that it is much easier to get new laws passed than it is to remove existing ones, so as a consequence some very strange and outdated laws still exist. Well look on the bright side at least these bizarre and hilarious laws give us a laugh or two.

California is branded as a progressive state with liberal politics, the Hollywood stars, and delightful parks, however all these do come with a bunch of bizarre laws, some of which I have enlisted below. Hopefully, you are not defying any of these laws.

  1. It is considered illegal for a lady to drive a vehicle in a housecoat. I can’t imagine how that would cause anyone any trouble, but here it is, law is law.
  2. Ladies are not allowed to wear high heels in the city limits unless they have a permit for heels over 2 inches in height. In Carmel, California, on the other hand, Men cannot go outside in public while wearing a jacket and pants that do not match.
  3. It is unlawful for Vehicles to exceed speeds of 60 miles per hour if there is no driver.
  4. A really funny old law states, if robbing a bank, it is illegal to shoot at the teller with a water gun.
  5. It is illegal to wash your car in the street in Downey, California.
  6. It is unlawful to wash your neighbor’s car without their permission in Los Angeles, California.
  7. It is illegal to put sand or a rock in your driveway in Walnut, California.
  8. It is deemed illegal to rob a bird’s nest from a public cemetery.
  9. It is considered illegal to set a mousetrap without having a hunting license.
  10. It is illegal for more than 6 people to stay in a hotel, where payment has been made for just one person.
  11. A bizarre law from 1925 states that it is illegal to wiggle while dancing. We mean how else is one supposed to dance without a bit of a wiggle.
  12. It is illegal on some beaches in California for females to surf.
  13. As a law sunshine is guaranteed to the masses in California
  14. You are breaking the law if you are eating oranges in a bathtub.
  15. Animals are not allowed to mate in public within 1,500 feet of a tavern, school, or any place of worship.
  16. It is an offense to hunt any game from a moving vehicle for people unless of course, the game they are hunting is a whale.
  17. It is illegal for motorists to park their vehicles on the street overnight unless they have a special permit for it in Alhambra, California.
  18. Automobiles are the only objects allowed to be put in the garage In Long Beach, California
  19. It is illegal for park visitors to annoy lizards they may encounter in the city park in Fresno, California.
  20. Peacocks have the right of way to cross the street, this includes crossing driveways. In Arcadia, California.
  21. It is an offense for residents to spit anywhere except on baseball diamonds in Burlingame, California.
  22. It is unlawful to own a pinball machine in El Monte, California
  23. It is unlawful for men with mustaches to kiss a woman in Eureka, California. It is one of the weirdest laws in California.
  24. It is illegal for someone to fall asleep in public in Eureka, California.
  25. It is unlawful to ride one’s bicycle through a public swimming pool.
  26. It is illegal to curse on a mini-golf in Long Beach, California.
  27. It is unlawful for someone to wear cowboy boots unless they own two or more cows in Blythe, California.
  28. It is unlawful to hunt moths under a streetlamp in Los Angeles, California.
  29. In California, It is illegal to eat a frog if it dies in a frog jumping competition.
  30. No dog can be in a public place without its owner on a leash in Belvedere, California.
  31. It is illegal to take your dog on an elevator with you in Glendale, California.
  32. It is unlawful to jump in or out of a car in Glendale, California.

The list above is not exhaustive, there still are lots of wackier weird laws in California that make one question their sanity and think what is the logic behind it. But these provide good amusement.





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