Water Flosser vs. String Floss: Which One Should You Use?

You’ve probably seen commercials advertising dental flosser products. Dental flossers come in the market in two forms, string and water flosser. Most of the people can be seen worried about the selection of any one flosser from these two. To assist you to decide between string flossing and water flossing, here in this article we will give you a detailed comparison of string floss vs water floss. They are both very similar but quite different at the same time. Let’s break it down.

Benefits of a Water Flosser

First, a water flosser is easy to use and does not consume too much electric power as it comes with a rechargeable battery, you can use it up to 20 days for only several hours of charging. The device is compact and lightweight, can use any type of water, and give you the same impressive results when it sprays water on your teeth and gums. One of the best benefits of using a Waterpik remains its gentle touch on your teeth and gum surfaces. You will have no problem flossing and removing the debris when using a Waterpik. Still, at the same time, you will experience no pain or additional bleeding that may complicate the issues within the oral cavity.

With water flossers, you don’t have to replace the string when it has touched your interdental spaces. On the contrary, you just need to replace the water source and have a more powerful spray on your teeth and gums to ensure that food debris will be effectively removed without a second chance. Plaque is also another thing that gets easily removed by water flossers and people like to see their side teeth surfaces (especially the rear ones) be completely clean and return to their initial shiny white color.

Water Flosser Drawbacks

In rare cases, there is also the chance that the water flosser gets compromised and needs maintenance. That is something you should normally do at least once a year to make sure that the water flosser is always available and ready to remove plaque from your teeth. But a number of oral care companies such as Waterpik, Binicare offer worry-free waterpik warranties, usually, they provide users with a one-year warranty.

Benefits of String Flosser

The first benefits of the use of the string flosser are its simplicity and low price. Everyone could buy dental floss strings from any convenience store at prices that are close or even below the dollar. String floss comes also in many sizes and shapes to ensure you always get the right ones for your teeth and gums size. The string floss devices will never use any electricity and you are free to make them work as effectively as you like. You control the speed it comes in and out of your interdental spaces reaching the point you still feel comfortable with the use and ready to keep on removing debris and plaque. Finally, string floss may also give a better smell to your oral cavity especially when it has a mint flavor on the string that remains on your gums and teeth for several hours after the initial procedure.

String Floss Drawbacks

It’s sure that string floss also had some important drawbacks that dragged the industry to the solution of the water flosser, which has massively replaced the string floss to certain parts of the population. The most important drawback for the use of string floss would be the friction it develops with your gums and the potential bleeding, especially when you suffer from periodontitis, a gum disease that creates sensitive gums to external pressure.

Another drawback would be the low capacity of string floss to remove side plaque accumulations, especially on the rear teeth. There is no way you can adjust the floss to the side teeth surface, and that creates an issue with a plaque that still remains there, catching even more bacteria and becoming a serious threat to your oral cavity hygiene as a whole.

Which One Is Better?

String Floss vs. Water Floss which one is better? The answer to this question varies from the person to person. If anything suits to a person, it does not mean that it will suit another. Everyone has their unique need, so you need to decide which floss is best for you. The differences between string floss and water floss can also plays the role in the decision.

String floss provides a good grip due to its bigger size and you can, use and slide in between teeth without any difficulty.

In addition, string dental floss is more durable, with less chance of breaking under pressure. However, this is a time taking process as it needs you to wrap and clean each tooth individually.

Water flossing doesn’t require much time as string dental flossing since the water jet works on many teeth simultaneously. As it is easy to maneuver, water floss can be used under challenging areas for string dental floss to reach.

However, water flossing is not that easy it requires more coordination and pressure control when flossing the teeth. 

You may need to purchase additional tips over time, which could lead to more significant expenses in the future. 

The string floss and water floss both helps in maintaining a healthy mouth and removing plaque, tartar, preventing gum disease, and reducing bad breath.

Final Words:

Although it’s been a good time since string floss is on the market, the water flosser is quickly gaining popularity among consumers. Waterpik flosser gives you more control and you can floss your teeth easily, on top of that it also comes in a cordless form which makes them easy to carry and use. Water flosser has many benefits over other flossers. The string floss is also most popular among beginners.

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