What Things Diabetes Patients Should Keep in Mind While Traveling

Diabetes patients should make additional supplies of insulin and other medicines, which they may need in emergencies. Here, know the important things diabetes patients should keep in mind while traveling. Some tips for people suffering from diabetes during the journey are important to keep in mind.

First and perhaps most important

The patients should not forget to take their medicines with them. This is true for people with type 1 diabetes because their lives depend on the insulin injections they take. So they need to more careful when they go for travelling. Perhaps they are taking insulin injections the traditional way with vials, syringes and needles. Or, they are using insulin pens, or indeed even they are using insulin pumps. It is most important that they do not forget to take insulin with their luggage. So, don’t forget to carry these insulin and some extra stock for emergencies.

It is impossible to get extra medicines as the sale of medicines in most countries is very strictly regulated. Therefore, for insulin-dependent type 1 diabetes, it can be a life and death issue. It would be a good idea to pack some extra supplies in the check-in bag. Because if the handbag is lost, they will have it in the check-in bag.

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Second challenge for diabetes patients

The second challenge is that people facing diabetes are in relation to the time of taking the drugs. Time zone differences can disturb their schedules completely. For example, when we start traveling from Bangladesh it may be midnight. But the place we are going to be will be several hours behind us or the time zone ahead of us (often up to 12 hours). In addition, during the journey the person can pass through many time zones.

All this can lead to confusion about when someone should take either anti-diabetic pills, insulin, or even other medicines such as blood pressure tablets. If in doubt, it is always better to take a small dose. Also, one should always carry a glucose testing device such as a glucometer with adequate blood glucose strips. If one remains in doubt, he or she can check someone’s sugar and then take anti-diabetic medication.

Low sugar response or hypoglycemia

A low sugar response or hypoglycemia can occur despite all the precautions you take. Therefore, you should take either glucose packets or glucose pills or at least some sugar-rich foods with you. For example during a trip you can have biscuits or fruits with you. Some are very strict about not allowing food in the country like Australia, New Zealand and some other countries. In such situations it is necessary to keep glucose or glucose pills with you at least.

If one is taking other medicines such as cholesterol, blood pressure drugs or statins for other medicines, then one must have sufficient stock. One must surmise that unexpected problems, delays, or even the need to postpone one’s return journey. This may happen  due to cancellation of flight or refusal to paradise, losing one’s passport, or any emergency situations. Besides, the flights are being interrupted due to COVID-19 or any other unexpected emergency. Thus, if someone is going for a month, it is a good idea to have an extra stock of additional medicines for at least a few months.

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What things you should keep record

Finally, you should take a card or note saying that you have diabetes, both at home and the place where you are going. His contact number, cell number, email ID and address of one’s family or friends. You should also take the telephone number and email ID of your treating doctor. The card should also state that intravenous glucose can be given if found unconscious as it may cause hypoglycaemia, a low sugar response.

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