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5 Tech Pioneers to Watch in 2023 and Beyond

The tech industry is one of the most diverse on the planet. There are innovative firms investing significant resources to pioneer a multitude of industries with next-generation technologies that solve pressing societal issues, as well as those that bring a healthy dose of entertainment and joy to our everyday lives.

Are you inspired by tech pioneers and their drive and dynamism to provide cutting-edge solutions that forge new paths for industries and nations? Read on as we celebrate a select club of five tech pioneers destined for a path of greatness in the years ahead.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming has been at the heart of the live casino subsector of the iGaming industry. It has redefined the way people enjoy their favourite table games, with the ability to play classic games like blackjack with trained dealers and interact with them in real time.

Evolution has not only delivered immersive classic table games, but it has also innovated with a string of live dealer game shows. All of which have helped to cement this niche as one of the most popular areas of iGaming, not just in mainland Europe but in the Southern Hemisphere too. It has been described as “influential” to the success of the section thanks to their mobile-first games that have enabled Kiwis to enjoy live casino games on the latest gaming phones, as well as the comfort of their own homes.

Fluency Aureum

A growing number of central banks are considering developing and rolling out their own digital currencies, underpinned by the power of blockchain technology. Fluency Aureum was established to facilitate the creation of blockchain networks that allow new central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) to interconnect with cash retail banking, making the long-term transition to digital currency all the smoother.

Fluency Aureum’s CBDC platforms are built to interact with conventional banking systems and other decentralised finance networks. The infrastructure of its blockchains is fully customisable to the needs of each central bank, with third-party systems interoperability and programmability to add new layers of engagement.

Beenova AI

Pioneering firm Beenova AI is making a bold bid to scale-up education, with a personalised learning portal that’s powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Using Beenova AI, teachers and lecturers can better understand students’ view on learning and design preferred content frameworks that deepen pupil engagement and understanding.

As the world of work evolves in the 21st century, Beenova AI is aligned with other progressive approaches to student curricula worldwide. It’s inspired by the Transversal Competences framework deployed in Finnish education, the P21 approach in American education and the 21st Century Competencies framework in Singaporean schooling.


Argentinian pioneers Mamotest are on a one-way mission to provide a data-led solution to beating breast cancer once and for all. Its vision is to create a platform where women have on-demand access to medical diagnoses on breast cancer – no matter where they live or how much money they earn.

Mamotest has already been rolled out into many Latin American healthcare organisations, with a view to providing mammograms to millions of females that have never had the option before. Mamotest believes their service will yield $15m in annual savings throughout the health system.


Agerpoint is innovating the global agricultural industry with its expertise in geospatial intelligence and data engineering that helps businesses and organisations to better understand the natural world. With accurate ground truth data and insights, it’s easier for businesses to obtain the most reliable carbon measurements. With CO2 footprints a hot topic as many nations embark on a “Net Zero” mission, Agerpoint aims to mitigate the issues of climate change for the industry tasked with feeding the planet.

With remote sensing, plant science and geospatial data processing, this US-based firm is battling to deliver a more sustainable agriculture sector, ensuring food security for generations to come.

All five of these hand-picked brands are ones to watch, as they look to reshape and revolutionise their fields with every ounce of in-house flair and dynamism.

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