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How to Protect Your Websites and Mobile Apps from Bot Threats with GeeTest CAPTCHA?

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Your websites and mobile apps can get attacked by bots. To eradicate this possibility, you better have a protection plan to keep your websites and mobile apps safe and secure. CAPTCHA can be a good strategy to tackle all the bot threats on your websites and mobile apps. Among all other CAPTCHAs, GeeTest is an incredible CAPTCHA service that can save your sites and apps from bot threats.

Bot Attacks

Bots are on most of your websites every day so it would be better if you are aware of them thoroughly and know how to protect your website from bot attacks as well. Bot attacks are targeted for various reasons to every site and mostly they are done for different reasons also. So, there is no one-solution-fits-all bot attack defense available. But still, some protective measures can be proactive if you can take them to address the issue.


Unlike all other traditional CAPTCHAs, GeeTest CAPTCHA was developed by the GeeTest themselves and is a self-learning bot defense model which is based on GCN (Graph Convolutional Networks). They have collected a massive amount of behavioral biometric data in the past nine years. It allows them to mitigate and identify harmful bots across all the available GeeTest-protected sites. In case you are wondering about how to use GeeTest CAPTCHA, then let me assure you this is a simple process. If you are already signed with a GeeTest account, then you have to just log into your account and enter into your CAPTCHA dashboard. If you want to add a new CAPTCHA, then you have to click the +New CAPTCHA option. After that, you will have your own set of unique CAPTCHA keys and ID. You can also modify the security setting of GeeTest CAPTCHA from the dashboard.

How CAPTCHA works?

Geetest Slide Puzzle Captcha
CAPTCHA is an abbreviation term which stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Human Apart. In different words, CAPTCHA decides whether the person using the site is a real user or a spam bot.

Traditional CAPTCHAs manipulate letters or stretch words and numbers to rely on the human ability so that they can determine which symbols they exactly are.

However, with the development of machine learning, it doesn’t work, bots also have the ability to finish these distorted recognition tasks, traditional CAPTCHAs must be more challenging to defend against sophisticated bot threats, resulting in higher user friction and business losses.

To solve the security and user experience problem, GeeTest developed AI-powered Slide Puzzle CAPTCHA in 2012. Instead of visual recognition challenge, GeeTest asks visitors to play a puzzle game. While visitors interact with the captcha, GeeTest collects data for its AI-powered risk engine to identify malicious features. In this way, GeeTest distinguishes legitimate humans with an intuitive interaction and relief users from a challenge-based security burden.

How GeeTest CAPTCHA protects against bot threats?

GeeTest CAPTCHA is not a CAPTCHA generator but an uprising CAPTCHA solution vendor that can protect your mobile apps, websites, and APIs from all sorts of bot threats. They can prevent web scraping to protect your sensitive data and valuable content from getting stolen. They can also prevent ticket scalping to stop fraudsters from obtaining tickets for resale automatically. Account takeover prevention is also one of their popular services on which they prevent fraud payment and stuffing credentials. It can also effectively decreases all sorts of abusive traffics as well as prevents platform resources from getting maliciously wasted. In case of any Ad fraud case, they block the fraudsters who steal additional income from making the fake traffic. Apart from these issues and solutions, they provide some other methods to protect against bot threats and here they are as follows:

1. Blocking outdated CAPTCHA user browsers and agents

The primary configurations for most of the scripts and tools contain string lists of user-agent which are hugely outdated. Though this measure won’t stop the ultra-advanced attackers, it still might catch and discourage a few of them. The risk of blocking outdated user browsers and agents is also very low and most of the modern browsers force an automatic update on users. It makes this more difficult to surf the site with an outdated browser. 

2. Protecting every harmful bot access point

You can protect your website and mobile apps by securing the exposed APIs as well as mobile apps. This will not only save and protect your website but also will share all the information regarding blocking between systems wherever possible. Protecting your website in this manner will do a little good only if the backdoor paths stay open.

3. Creating a blacklist and blocking suspicious IP address  

When the most advanced attackers move to other methods and strategies to make things more difficult to block networks, then most of the less sophisticated owners and perpetrators use easy and accessible proxy and hosting services so that it can generate suspicious IP addresses. GeeTest will disallow access from these sources then it may discourage the attackers from coming after your mobile apps, website, and APIs.

4. Evaluating traffic resources carefully

Traffic sources play an important role in determining the security of any website, mobile app, and API. Therefore, evaluating the traffic sources carefully may help you protect your mobile apps and websites. If you are having any high bounce rate and see lower conversion rates from a few certain traffic sources, then these two things can be a sign of bot traffic and while you can identify this, you will also be able to tackle it with their methods and solution.

5. Monitoring failed login attempts precisely

First of all, you should define failed login attempts on your website so that people can have a clear understanding of that point and remain careful while attempting login credentials or CAPTCHA. This baseline will help you monitor the whole situation precisely and you will have an upper hand on the security system of your website. While monitoring the spikes or anomalies, you can set up the alerts so that if anything occurs on your site, it can automatically notify you beforehand. Advance slow and low attackers usually don’t trigger any user with session-level alerts, therefore be sure that you are setting global thresholds perfectly to monitor all the failed login attempts.

6. Investigating traffic spikes

Traffic spikes are looking to be a huge win for any type of business. But if you want to find a clear and specific source for your spike, then you can certainly investigate them thoroughly without facing any hassle. When you will find any sort of spike that is unexplained, then it can be a sign of bad and harmful bot activity.

7. Paying close attention to public breaches of data

When there are any newly stolen credentials available, they are more likely to remain still activated. When large breaches are occurring anywhere, then you better expect bad and harmful bots to run those useful credentials against your website with an increased amount of frequency that can do a lot of damages to any website. So, it can be an ideal solution to pay close attention to the public breaches of data to secure your site and mobile apps.

8. Monitoring incensement invalidation failure of gift card numbers

If there is an increase in terms of failures, or even with traffics or to gift card validation pages, then it can be a signal or warning that the harmful bad bots like GiftGhostBot are trying to steal your gift card account balance to use it for their benefits. This can cost you a lot of money and once they are stolen, it is tough to get them back. Therefore, it would be better to monitor any increase in validation failure of gift card numbers. 

9. Evaluating a Bot Mitigation Solution

Last but not least, the bot problem is a race of arms. Bad and immoral people are working hard every moment of the day to attack mobile apps and websites all over the world. This sheer volume, business, and sophistication damage caused by these grown automated threats put a costly bot strain on your IT staff and resources. These days, bots are even capable of mimicking security tools and methods. Therefore, considering a bot evaluation mitigation can be a good solution for many vendors who are in with industry experts and getting vigilant support which you will require for getting full visible control over the abusive traffic. In this regard, GeeTest CAPTCHA should be your first choice.

Want to protect your business from bot threats?

Get GeeTest 30-days free trial.

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