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Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine could be Ready for Approval by mid-October

The safety and effectiveness of Pfizer’s Coronavirus vaccine will be known by the end of October. In an interview with NBC’s ‘Today’ program on Tuesday, its CEO Albert Bourla expressed hope about it.

According to CNN, Bourla also spoke at the event about the “historic agreement” recently signed by nine vaccine manufacturers. In the agreement, the vaccine manufacturers have agreed not to fight for the approval of the vaccine without completing the due process. However, if they would find the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines sufficiently safe and effective, they may apply for approval.

Bourla said many things need to be considered to understand the effectiveness of the vaccine. But so far that model, Pfizer will know the vaccine is effective by October. However, it will not be the actual time of vaccine distribution. The probability of getting vaccinated during that period is 80 percent. The third stage of the vaccine’s test is progressing very well.

Bourla said they had decided to vaccinate 25,000 of them.

US President Donald Trump administration has funded the vaccine that Pfizer is developing in collaboration with Germany’s BioNTech. Last Monday, Trump said the vaccine could hit the market by next month.

Pfizer, a US pharmaceutical company, said in July that it had tested positive for the vaccine against Covid-19. In an interview with Time Online at the time, Bourla said they hoped to get its approval from the Food and Drug Administration by next October. They will know the effectiveness of the vaccine in September.

On July 1, Pfizer announced the positive results of their vaccine, claiming it boosted the immune system of healthy people. However, if it is given in high doses, the other side may effect. The journal medRxiv has published the first clinical information on Pfizer’s vaccine. Since the positive results were released, the annual vaccine dose target has been increased to 100 million.

Bourla said they are now in commercial talks with governments around the world to sell the required doses. His company will begin production before it receives FDA approval. They are on the right track. This is an unconventional method, so the risk is higher.

Pfizer CEO acknowledges that no mRNA-based vaccine has ever been approved to prevent infectious diseases.

The 58-year-old CEO was born in Greece. He trained as a physician before becoming Pfizer’s chief executive. He spoke in support of the US Alliance but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer.

Asked by the Times about the effectiveness of the vaccine, Bourla said their vaccine has had a huge impact on people. The people who have taken it showed reaction in all cases. And in those of cases, the virus is dead.

“The most important part of making a vaccine is that if we can be sure of its effectiveness and get FDA approval, then the vaccine will be ready,” Bourla said. It has never happened before. Vaccines are being prepared before approval. Pfizer has invested more than 1 billion dollars for this.

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