The Perks of Entrusting Data Analytics to a Data Management Company

Outsourcing Data and IT Management is a way to optimize the quality of any business. The outsourcing contract defines the standards and constraints that the supplier must respect. In addition, the latter has an outside view to be a force of proposal, and he can implement good practices to benefit his client. Adopting an Information Systems outsourcing strategy will save you considerable time, allowing you to refocus on your core business and thus increase your productivity.

Finally, note that outsourcing provides more flexibility given the constant changes leading to the efficient operation of a computer park. Any change can therefore be made quickly and at a lower cost by opting for outsourcing tasks.

Entrust the Management of your Computer Equipment to an Experienced Company

Much more than a simple service provider, an outsourcing company is a day-to-day partner for companies in managing their IT equipment. Recognized actor in this field with confirmed skills, Integrated Group, provides all professionals in all sectors (banking, insurance, telecommunications, industry, transport, etc.) effective, useful and profitable support.

Using the Integrated Group services means benefiting from the skills of an expert team in the economic and operational management of your IT.

To optimize expenses and relieve companies of certain tasks, thus allowing them to focus on value-generating activities, Integrated Group offers a wide variety of modular services, among others:

  • Software Asset Management or SAM, the purpose of which is to get the most out of your fleet,
  • outsourcing (MCO or Maintenance in operational condition, a help desk service including project management and management, migrations, and deployments),
  • the establishment of a Single Window to handle all customer requests through a dedicated helpdesk with overflow management, 
  • the implementation of the best Cloud apps within your infrastructure, the overall management of the IT environment, and the infrastructure.

Integrated Group also offers services for the deployment of computer equipment, transfer of servers, census/inventory, software installation, computer dismantling (such as laundering, recycling, degaussing, etc.), mastering, labeling, cleaning, mixing, and stock management, transfer of computer stations.

Integrated Group also brings its expertise to large companies with regard to the optimization of the information system, mainly in terms of IoT, DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan), setting up a high availability infrastructure on site, cybersecurity, outsourced backup, the PMO (Project Manager Office) to standardize and maximize workloads by isolating common tasks in project implementation, supply chain management or Supply Chain Management, in particular the optimization of production processes. Procurement in order to better coordinate them and better support customers, in terms of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) to deploy, an index that allows IT managers to maximize and manage the costs related to the acquisition and for the use of a workstation during its lifetime.

For the economic and operational management of your IT resources, Integrated Group has a precise and structured methodology focused on the identification of needs, recommendations, design, and implementation of the process.

In their approach, they are committed to working with you to assess your needs and, in return, offer a high-performance solution adapted to your budget. They also remain attentive to all your requests in order to ensure rapid and optimal support.


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