Why is Sustainable Packaging Worthy for Mailer Boxes Brands?

Mailer boxes in this regard offer various options to select a font. The manufacturing of these Mailer Boxes attracts customers and tempts them to buy them. The containers are highly durable for transporting because of the double walls, so they decently preserve the stuff. OBT packaging offers mailer boxes in multiple sizes, designs, and color.

Who would want to miss a bite of delicious ice cream? The answer would be, “No one.” But, the unsustainable packaging makes a huge difference – this much that it can minimize the demand for ice-creams a significant time. How? The blog will help you understand the importance of sustainable branded mailer boxes.

Packaging Building Connections with People

People develop feelings for food as they develop with other fellows. Relationships involve physical and emotional influences for their growth—similarly, the connective aspects between a foodie and food demand insight and mutuality.

Consumers put in their trust whenever they purchase, gulp, or dispose of any of their favourite products. It is vital for numerous brands, especially in the FMCGs, to consider packaging as the primary approach.

Going a bit innovative and constructive about consuming goods by adding different materials to the packaging will elevate the brands. Also, giving a fresh look to the product boxes will bring happiness to the consumers, and they will start to get attracted to the brand. This ideology will retain the older consumers while alluring the new ones.

The packaging industries are conducting in-depth research on reusable packaging ideas, specifically in ice cream brands.

Brand Essence and Packaging

Not only sustainable and convenient packaging, but something suitable to protect the beverage or food is necessary. Since ice creams are more challenging to handle than any other food item because of their melting properties, it is essential to secure them with appropriate product boxes.

When it comes to developing ice cream packaging, certain things are the most considerable ones. To take good care about the overall look, maintain its eco-friendly nature, and most importantly to ensure its performance at every temperature (as the ice creams travel from the shelves to the refrigerators or freezers).

Once they complete the whole material-related procedure, a new chapter concerning the brand essence opens up. Setting up the freezer environment becomes critical to maintain the product’s freshness if the packaging is inappropriate.

Evergreen Packaging launched SentinelTM to overcome the abovementioned issue. SentinelTM is a bio resin-coated paperboard extracted from sugarcane that works precisely like a standard petroleum-based PE resin. These paperboards are widely used for various food packaging purposes, considering the shelf-life requirements.

Paperboards extracted from the sugarcane are not limited to the ice cream wrapping but are also suitable for other designs and developments. These designs can include trays, mailer boxes, cups, oven-friendly boards, plates, flexible packaging, cartons, box liners, and many more.

These eco-friendly products from SenitelTM consist of fibre which means that they originate from reusable resources. For their production, the trees come from well-practiced forests.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative SFI is a non-profit and independent organization responsible for looking after ecological forest management. Attaining an SFI certification encompasses meeting extremely explicit standards and accountabilities. After completing the certification, any business will have to apply for the SFI logo. SFI logo will serve as a stamp that guarantees the sustainability of that particular product.

Why is Plant-Based Packaging Beneficial for any Brand?

Plants are potent. They are also becoming a need for consumer products and their packaging. Packaging manufacturers are striving very hard to find ways to get as many products from plants as possible. These manufacturers also work efficiently to circulate the economy exclusively dedicated to the environment.

Renewable ice cream packaging is a reusable source from corn which does not include any food source like PLA (Polylactic Acid). With several perks of using biodegradable packaging, obtaining poly coating from sugarcane is the most significant advantage.

Using sugarcane-coated wrappers helps protect the ice creams from moisture, keep their shapes alive, and make them recyclable like poly-coated packaging. With this approach of benefiting the environment while maintaining the brand essence alive, evidence shows that consumers develop immense respect and love for the brands.

Tips to Make the Sustainable Packaging Exceptional

Transforming product packaging into ecological packaging should not make it any less attractive than plastic packaging. Keeping quality in mind is also an essential aspect. OBT Packaging is one of the finest service providers when it comes to quality custom printed boxes. Secondly, printing on the packaging should be powerful and eminent to set the benchmark in the market. Typically, plastic-coated cardboard bears the printing for ice cream containers because it manages the temperature so that ice creams do not melt and maintain their original form.

Hop-Syn is a synthetic paper used in place of laminated sheets. These papers are a lot more stable dimensionally, affordable, and durable than laminated ones.

Every purchaser looks for the brand logo placement in an easily readable position. Correct order helps to imprint the brand for a more extended period. Making the catchy logo will grasp more attention. Moreover, the brand logo must be the most prevailing entity on the overall packaging because it carries the company’s identity.

It is essential not to miss out on the necessary details regarding the product manufacturing and expiry date, company’s name, the Flavor of the ice cream, list of the ingredients, price, etc. Missing details might turn the customer off.

Furthermore, in May 2019, the packaging company in Finland, Stora Enso, introduced its novel development, “CupformanaturaSolo,” for sustainable packaging. This packaging was a fresh idea exclusively for ice cream packaging and cold and hot beverages. The cardboard eliminated the conventional plastic by using ecological substitutes like 100% renewable Natura PE Green.

This material helps majorly to shift from fossil polyethylene to scientifically compostable Cuspform Natura Bio ice cream cups. Since conventional plastic has similar properties to the new technology, no hefty investments were required. The wood fibres naturally come from sustainable forests, making it easy for the certified packaging.

Big Names Shifting to Sustainable Ice Cream Packaging

“Solero Peach” by Unilever is 35 percent plastic-free. Unilever further initiated campaign #GetPlasticWise in early 2019 in the UK to convert their plastic packaging into a reusable or recyclable form by 2025.

Nestle started off their sustainable product boxes for Haagen Daze ice cream in mid-2019 in NYC. They used to sell the ice creams in special containers and recollected them. They collaborated with TerraCycle global organization, where subscribers can avail their food in custom mailer boxes that were biodegradable and durable. Consumers can return the boxes after completing the food.

Snow Monkey also claimed to start ice cream afresh. The company began manufacturing desserts only from seeds, fruits, and superfoods instead of dairy products. The products from Snow Monkey are rich in flavor while packed in protein wrappings, making them the best choice for eco-loving individuals. The motif is to keep not only the tummies healthy but the environment too.

How about reinventing your ice creams where not only flavor, quality, and taste are essential but the packaging too. The packaging does bring a significant impact on a brand. Adapting to the newest trends and culture is the need today. Therefore, providing benefits to Mother Nature by converting to sustainable packaging will entice more customers and puts your brand in the limelight.

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