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Lightsaber Gift Ideas for Star Wars Fans

What better way to cheer up your favorite Star Wars nerd than a cool lightsaber? Lightsabers are the coolest gifts for Star Wars enthusiasts. From the sleek design to the uber-cool lights, sabers are perfect as Christmas gifts. Gift it to yourself or to your favorite Star Wars fanatic by getting your hands on these lightsabers on sale.

Lightsabers for sale – A lightsaber for every age!

You could argue that lightsabers are for everyone. What’s new about that? Well, these lightsabers for sale make great choices for your little ones too. Your kids will have a blast playing with them. The lightsabers have a unique design and lend a very realistic Star Wars ambiance to your room.

Given below are some of the lightsabers you can set your eyes on for gifting.

Colour-changing Neopixel Lightsabers

Zia Sabers satisfies your need for a durable saber that endures the strength of your opponent (and your imagination!). The combat-ready Neopixel lightsaber is meant to outlast your enemy. This is the latest design in lightsabers with an aluminum hilt and a polycarbonate blade. It also comes with an advanced soundboard.

Mandalorian Darksaber Lightsaber Electronic

An exact replica of the Mandalorian Darksaber, this one is bound to make a splash at every cosplay party. Made to mimic traditional swords, the Darksaber has all kinds of animation and sound effects. It leads to an immersive experience and you get all the feels of being a Mandalorian warrior

Master Jedi-King Bladebuilder Electronic Lightsaber

Presenting the Master Jedi-King Bladebuilders Electronic Lightsaber. Yes, the name is a handful but this is a lightsaber with top-notch combinations. Designed for younger fans of Star Wars, the Bladebuilder has a unique motion sensor. It emits realistic swinging noises every time your little one engages in a duel. The best part about this Bladebuilder? You can easily join the lightsaber parts. You can buy these lightsabers for sale and make

Color-changing Tethys Lightsaber

Wield this color-changing Tethys Lightsaber at your mortal enemy and watch them look at it in awe. Why? Because this is one of the lightsabers for sale that has a motion-sensitive swing sound. The contemporary Tethys Lightsaber comes with 8 different color displays. It has a hefty polycarbonate blade and an upgraded sound system for the best ambiance.

Unique Lightsaber Lamps for Star Wars Fans

Consider this: a Star Wars movie marathon with the coolest Luke Skywalker and Kylin Ren Lightsaber Lamps in the background.

You can also grab lamps along with the lightsabers for sale. Ever imagined the vibes in your lightsaber lamps and some mood lighting? Immaculate.

 The Sith Lord’s Lightsaber Lamp

You need to get your hands on this Lightsaber Lamp if you worship Adam Driver. The Kylo Ren Lightsaber Lamp is powered by LEDs. It floods your room with a red light so you know the Force is always with you.

Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Lamp

Luke Skywalker hardly needs an introduction. Skywalker’s lightsaber lamp comes in two variants – a table lamp and a floor lamp. The Lightsaber Lamp emits a pleasing blue color with a remote control system.

Wrapping Up

Listen, Dr. Kaku’s vision of a lightsaber is still a dream. But that is no reason for you to not engage in duels. Buy battle-ready lightsabers for sale this Christmas and engage in hardcore duels.

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