Who Needs Keratin Treatment?

The amount of keratin in the hair can decrease not only due to the influence of a flat iron or hair dryer, but also due to ultraviolet rays, wind and other adverse effects. Thanks to keratin in the composition of most professional cosmetics, the hair becomes brighter, smoother and healthier, it straightens and becomes soft. The pros and cons of keratin treatment must be studied in advance in order to understand what effect to expect from the procedure.

Keratin Treatment

The benefits of keratin treatment for hair are huge, it is he who is able to make up for the lack of protein. But it cannot be obtained in its pure form, so products containing building material for skin appendages are used. One of the indicators of a woman’s health and well-being is luxurious curls. Constant drying and straightening will inevitably destroy the hair. What to say about the whole chemical attack that falls on them after the listed procedures. 

There is also keratin procedure that is the most effective method of hair restoration. A professional applies the keratin to the hair for a certain time, carefully filling the damaged hair structure. At the end of the exposure, the hair is dried and styled. The effect of the application is visible immediately — the ideal look of the hair lasts about four months, after which the procedure is usually repeated.

How to Choose the Correct Keratin Mask?

Keratin hair treatment appeared not so long ago, but is rapidly gaining popularity. Initially, it was exclusively a salon procedure, but it can also be done at home to treat damaged hair. The choice of specialized cosmetics is large, so always you can choose the right tool for your own needs. Let’s have a look at the advantages of using keratin:

  • the best way to restore hair after perming;
  • perfectly straightens the hair, making it healthy and shiny;
  • facilitates daily styling;
  • dyed hair finds a rich and healthy color;
  • protects against wind, sunlight and sea water;
  • lasting result.

A good keratin hair mask does not have to be universal. Beauticians are advised to use a narrowly focused keratin mask (instead of universal analogues), which is ideal for your hair type and hair structure, and will also help eliminate individual problems.

There are many other cosmetic products for restoration, hydration and strength. But a hair mask with the effect of keratin straightening hardly has any alternatives. Branded keratin masks should not be difficult to use, as they are accompanied by detailed instructions. Professional brands often produce keratin products in two variations — for fine/normal hair and for thick/hard hair.

A mistake in choosing will lead to the fact that even with the correct application of the mask, either your strands will not receive proper nutrition, or the enhanced formula will noticeably weigh thin hair. Hair mask reviews also matter. See if other users are happy with the mask you would like to buy. Ask how long the effect of the mask lasted and what was its price. Choose the option that fully meets your expectations.


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