How To Deal With Insurance Companies After A Car Accident?

For people involved in a car accident, the following events can be overwhelming. Medical treatment, rehabilitation, returning to work, and repairing the damaged vehicle are challenges that victims face soon after an accident.

In addition, they also have to contend with an insurance company that appears to be fighting them at every turn.  

It can get highly frustrating if you are handling all the paperwork by yourself without the assistance of a Miami car accident lawyer.

Most insurance companies will do everything possible to deny you full compensation for your automobile accident injuries. This is why you should never handle your insurance alone but rather enlist the help of a skilled motor vehicle accident lawyer. Seek legal counsel from DDR Lawyers!

Following are some tips for how to deal with an insurance company after a car accident:

Injuries Should Never Be Understated

When a vehicle accident victim minimizes their injuries in front of an insurance adjuster, the insurance company has more reasons to settle for a lower settlement.

There is no need for considerable compensation if you claim that you were only slightly injured in your accident.

However, if the damage were exceedingly significant and may have resulted in a life-altering circumstance, the insurance company would be expected to pay a reasonable amount.

It’s important to remember that even after medical treatment, car accident injuries might take months, if not years, to show fully. A motor vehicle accident victim, for example, could have suffered whiplash or a traumatic head injury and not have shown symptoms for months after the accident.

The earlier versions of the victim’s claims can be used against them in court, and they may not be able to receive the total amount of damages.

Defend yourself at all costs

Victims of car accidents frequently believe they are to blame. However, without all the facts, it’s impossible to tell what happened in an accident. The other motorist could have been preoccupied or texting if you believed it was partly your fault. Accepting responsibility can severely compromise your chances of winning damages in a personal injury case.

No need to make a statement

If you give a recorded statement about your automobile accident incorrectly, it can adversely affect your claim. Without the presence of a personal injury lawyer, you are under no duty to make a recorded statement to your insurance company. Instead, you should consult an attorney before making any statements about the occurrence.


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